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February 22, 2024 | 0 COMMENTS

CRSSD Spring 2024 is kicking off our spring festival season with all the House and Techno your heart desires. The festival is happening March 2-3 at San Diego Waterfront Park, in California. Featuring Tale Of Us, Lane 8, Richie Hawtin + many more

This location is perfect  to show off your cute outfits you’ve been wanting to show off a little more of, but still be able to layer up at night in your favorite long sleeve or jacket.

The average temperatures in San Diego are between 64-68 degrees during the day, and about 52-55 degrees at night. The ocean breeze makes it a little colder at night since the location is bayside, so plan accordingly. Our site is full of cute new styles of jackets, chaps and coverups for the lower nighttime temperatures.

When styling my rave outfit, I like to take my favorite matching top and bottom pieces and add chaps, or mesh pants to keep my legs warm. Then I like to add a mesh crop top, or long sleeve, to give that added warmth to your body, but still look amazing! Add it all together with your favorite accessories, and glitter!

Locker rentals are available onsite so you can always bring your favorite pieces from our collection and have them ready to go when you are feeling a bit chilly.

If you’re having some trouble finding ideas to wear, here are my top pieces that I would wear to CRSSD fest:



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