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Anyone who has ever been to this festival knows that Coachella is unlike any other. The springtime vibes and fashion are unmatched because the lineup attracts such a diverse crowd of people. This year, with a lineup that seems to have been curated specifically for the girls and the gays with acts like Kim Petras, Harry Styles, Doja Cat, 100 Gecs, Caroline Polachek, Princess Nokia and Swedish House Mafia (to name just a few).

Outfit planning for Coachella is almost as serious as going to the festival itself. Most people opt for a bohemian look to match the vibes of the celebrities that attend the festival each year, and others lean into their own personal style to create something totally unique. Coachella isn't really a rave but it does have a stacked lineup of EDM acts across several stages. This year the festival is bringing back Swedish House Mafia for all of us to live out our 2013 raver dreams. Too bad we don't sell furries anymore.

Check out our ultimate guide on how to go to Coachella for everything u need to know about getting to the desert.

No matter your style, the point of any festival is to have fun and be creative. Here are some of my favorite pieces when planning what to wear to Coachella 2022:


Coachella is the most iconic spring festival, so florals and pastels will always look cute on the polo field. Here are some rave ready pastel looks for this year:

Party On My Mind Crochet Two Piece Set


Lover Girl Outfit 

Butterfly Blush Outfit

Pink Fizz Outfit

Rolita Couture x iHR Forever Angel Outfit

Sparkling Spell Outfit

Enchanted Butterfly Sequin Outfit


All ravers know that neon never truly goes out of style. Neon looks amazing under black lights and is a dance floor classic that any Sahara tent veteran will love. Here are some favorite neon picks for 2023:



Trippy Time Acid Smiley Bra Top

YRUFO Mecha Unisex Wide Leg Pants

Rolita Couture x iHR Super Wonky Flirt With Me Outfit

Sequin Sky Outfit

High Frequency Outfit

Psychedelic Pink Outfit



Whether you're going all out with a techno-baddie, all-black look or you're mixing color with black, you're going to be the baddest babe at the rave cave. Here are my picks for you:

Midnight Sparkle Sequin Outfit

Magic Touch Butterfly Outfit

Hardstyle Hottie Outfit

Shot In The Dark Reflective Outfit

Drop The Beat Recycled Fabric Outfit

Eternal Sleep Outfit

Voltage Vixen Outfit

Moonlit Mystique Outfit


Groovy Prints

Coachella has always been the more boho of the major festivals. Channel your inner hippie with these groovy and trippy prints:

Flower Bomb Skater Skirt

Mushroom Fiesta Outfit

Shroomy Shrimmer Marabou Outfit

Electric Ecstasy Marabou Outfit

Kooky Chronicles Mushroom Recycled Outfit

Date In Wonderland Recycled Outfit



Speaking of boho, Coachella is the perfect place to bring out those Lana Del Rey vibes. Flower crowns might not be in style these days, but here are some bohemian floral looks that channel that same vibe:


Lace Flowerfields Mesh Outfit 

Lace Flowerfields Marabou Outfit

Lace Flowerfields Dress Outfit


Space Cowgirl

Rave ur way through the wild west in one of these cowgirl-inspired outfits:

Wild West Wanderer Cowgirl Hat

Superstar Fringe Chaps



Your favorite '90s and early 2000s looks are back in style! You can leave the bubble tops, silly bandz and unflattering jeans at home, though. These Y2K looks are the elevated version you thought you were rocking back in the day. Britney is free, Paris is thriving, and LiLo is getting back into acting. It's time to shine, babes. 

Thunderstruck Outfit 

Crystal Coma Rhinestone Two Piece Set


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