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People are quick to give you style advice on what to wear to a festival, but what about tips on what NOT to wear to a festival? No worries, I got you.


Don’t wear those adorable pumps or dress shoes even if they make your outfit THAT much hotter. Why? It’s not worth it. Festival grounds are unpredictable so you never know if you’ll be walking on grass, dirt, mud, or concrete so high heels are not ideal. Plus, you’ll wanna be jumping and dancing the night away, not writhing in pain. Not to mention, you might have to make it to the stage on the opposite end of the festival grounds quickly to catch your favorite DJ. Think this is clearly an obvious one? I’ve actually seen girls rocking heels to Escape from Wonderland before and I’ll bet that halfway through the night they were forced to carry their heels and walk the grounds barefoot. Sound appealing to you? I thought not.

Flats & Sandals

Think you can get away with wearing flats or sandals? Sure, they won’t kill your feet like heels do, but other people will definitely unintentionally kill your feet for you. With thousands of people trying to squeeze in front of one stage your toes will thank you for leaving your sandals at home.

Designer Clothes

We all love getting the chance to dress up every once in a while and festivals are the place to get dolled up in any way you’d like, but dressing up doesn’t mean dressing in your best. What do I mean by that? If you’re attending a festival you’re bound to get dirty from sitting on the ground or just being in the crowd so leave your designer swag at home. Leave ALL of it at home including those new Chanel shades you love so much unless you’re planning to strap it to your head for the entire night.


We all want to be prepared for anything a festival throws at you, but seriously carrying your festival essentials in a nice big purse is gonna make you want to rip your hair out. Hate fanny packs? They rock. I promise. You’ll have your hands free all night and you never have to worry about those damn straps falling off your shoulders. Still not digging the fanny pack fad? Opt for a lightweight drawstring bag or small backpack instead. I highly discourage purses, especially big totes as they limit your dance moves.

Banned Items

Lastly, don’t wear things that are banned! Do your research and be aware of festival rules and regulations. Going to EDC? Bring all your kandi. Going to Hard Fest? Leave all your kandi at home. Some festivals also ban masks or heavy face paint so it’s important to simply do your research and comply to the rules. You don’t wanna show up only to be turned away at the gates. Happy raving!

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