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Gracing the stages of Electric Zoo at Tchami’s Confession stage this weekend is Croatian-born DJ/producer MATRODA. Known for his iconic ‘Matrodasound’ and impeccable street style, Matroda—aka Matija Rodic—is making waves at festivals and clubs worldwide. Satiating the demand for heavy-hitting house bangers for house heads and shufflers alike, Matroda's high-energy beats are just what we need to end the summer on a high note. We had the chance to catch him before his set at Electric Zoo in New York over Labor Day weekend! 

iHR: Tell us a little bit about yourself - how did you come up with your stage name, Matroda? Who IS Matroda? Walk us through a day in the life - morning routines or daily rituals, the music you listen to outside of EDM or house, what song do you have on repeat right now?!

Matroda: Well, first of all, if I start with WHO is Matroda; He is just a simple guy coming from Croatia whose passion for house music developed in early teenage years and who has been following his dreams 'till now and still going on. Of course it’s been developing 'till now and it won’t stop, I can promise. Stage name Matroda is a combination of my real name MATija RODic

My daily routine is very simple: I wake up, I eat, and I go to the studio where I spend most of the day (if I’m not on tour). Regarding music; I listen to everything, from rock, punk to hip hop. I believe there are so many good tracks coming in lately so it’s hard to pick my fav one.

iHR: 2022 has been a huge year for you! From playing another massive set at EDC Las Vegas & dropping your collaboration with Wax Motif ‘La Candela’ to going B2B with Bleu Clair and playing multiple music festivals throughout the U.S. What would you say have been some of your personal highlights from this year so far?

M: Every show I do is a highlight for me and has a special spot in my career, for sure. I just want to enjoy myself and have a good time. I always do my best [whether I am] playing EDC or some small underground venue. My personal highlight is definitely meeting so many new people all around the world.

iHR: Speaking of B2B’s – who would you say are your favorite artists to go B2B with? And what is your dream B2B set/where?

M: I always enjoy playing B2B with my friends. My favorite artist to go b2b with would definitely be Carl Cox.

iHR: Have you ever had any fanboy moments? Who are some artists you really look up to or admire?

M: Hans Zimmer, Rick Rubin, Pharell Williams to name a few..

iHR: Who or what inspired you to start producing? Are there any early influences or moments that really defined your decision to pursue music? I noticed you are quite the pianist – did you decide at a very early age that music is what you wanted to do and were you always supported in that decision? 

M: It was actually my dad with his rock vinyl collection. That’s how I started to listen to and discover music, but it was my elder brother who introduced me to electronic music. Fun times back in the days :) I don’t see myself as a pianist. i’m far from that but I do like it and have fun playing piano.

iHR: Your sound has definitely evolved from when you first dropped ‘Some Strange Voices’ back in 2013 and songs like Adriatic Step back in 2014. Tell me about how your sound has evolved over the years and how you eventually molded your signature Matrodasound?

M: It’s a process. I always try to create something new and unique. My sound changed, or I should say evolved, and will most probably continue to do that going forward.

iHR: Your passion and hard work speak volumes, and it’s been amazing to see how you pour your passion into your music and also the creation and curation of your very own label: Terminal Underground! Tell us a little more about how it all began, some of your favorite milestones, and your plans for the label in the future. 

M: I just wanted to have a platform where I can present dope music from myself and other up & coming producers with a fresh sound. I don’t have any huge plans, I just want to offer a good platform and expose new music from new talents/producers. It’s hard to pick one festival as there are too many to name. Maybe we will build our own Terminal Underground festival in the future. :)

iHR: Speaking of music festivals and stages, how does it feel to be playing your FIRST Electric Zoo at Tchami’s Confession Stage? This will also be my first EZOO and this is the stage I'm excited about the most! What can we expect from your set? Will you be curating it based on Confession’s sound? What are you looking forward to the most about EZOO or just being in NY in general?

M: It feels great to be part of EZOO for the very first time. Shoutout to Tchami for having me on his stage. You can expect lots of new music. I always try to present matrodasound so you will have a lot of Matroda’s music. I love NYC and the energy. I'm looking forward to discovering some new dope food places.

iHR: Do you ever hang out and enjoy the music festivals you play? Or do you typically go in and out of festivals? If you do, what has been your favorite festival you’ve ever attended and why? 

M: I do try to hang out and enjoy with people, and I really love checking other acts/artists performing but there are times when my schedule is so tight I cannot afford to go to bed late. 

It’s hard to pin out my fav festival as there are so many great ones. I’m really looking forward to the EZOO experience. I don’t get nervous, being completely honest.

iHR: On a smaller scale, what are some of your favorite venues you’ve ever played? Any on your bucket list still? I know a lot of people are DYING to see you play the Brooklyn Mirage! 

M: I'm a big fan of small/dark underground venues. Doing Brooklyn Mirage is def on my to do list. I would love to do a show at Red Rocks in Denver too. 

iHR: I would be remiss if I didn’t ask you about YOUR DRIP. How would you describe your style? Do you design your own merch? And do you think you’ll ever dabble more in the fashion world? 

I do like fashion and enjoy bringing that to my fans. My merchandise is represented by me and my creative designing team who are evolving my style and ideas all the time. With each tour I’m trying to show something new, fresh, something unique people might actually like to wear every day. We are always combining street fashion with elegance and a spark of Matroda.  New merch is coming out this September 👀

You heard it here first! We’re looking forward to seeing (and wearing) the new collection and all the amazing things you have in store for the future of Matroda! 

Catch him at Electric Zoo’s brand new stage—The Landing— alongside Tchami, Capozzi, BIJOU & the rest of the Confession crew on Day 1 or for his North American Jack The House tour this Fall/Winter! 

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