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Popularity surrounding transformational festivals has picked up significantly over the last 20 or so years. Though people usually group music festivals and transformational festivals together into the same category, they are very distinct concepts and give attendees very contrasting experiences. In this guide, we explore what makes transformational festivals so different and what you can expect from attending one.

You are so much more than an attendee.

The word transformational implies transformation, which already gives away one of the more sacred parts of these experiences. Conversely to mainstream music festivals, the focus isn’t on the music and the lineup. These things certainly play a part but transformational festivals emphasize the more interactive parts of the festival that promote participation and ignite inspiration. Transformational festivals offer an immersive experience that encompasses everything from workshops, talks, activities, parties, meetings and really anything you can imagine. You’re not just an attendee but rather a participant in the whole experience.

At transformational festivals you’re encouraged to try new things and express yourself, creating new trains of thought that give you a fresh perspective on the world and your life. Leave your inhibitions at the door and just let the festival take you on a wondrous journey. They are truly life-altering experiences that will stay with you forever.

There is no VIP treatment.

Everyone is considered a participant at transformational festivals, and this is what really brings everyone together as a community. Everything you see at these festivals has been created and brought to life by someone at the event. It could be anyone, and each participant has an opportunity to showcase a talent or to add to the festival space. This even applies to the music, more often than not artists at transformational festivals are not being paid to play, they are there to share their skill and passion. Some festivals even require them to buy their ticket and pay for their trip. Everyone is treated equally, you won’t find any VIP treatment at these festivals.

Experience new-age sustainability.

Most transformational festivals are non-profit, which is one the main things that sets them apart from conventional music festivals. Many of them start off as small gatherings hosted by like-minded individuals, and eventually grow into more substantial events. Usually, they operate without sponsors and rely on the revenue made on ticket sales to organize the whole event.

They are also renowned for pushing the boundaries of capitalism by creating their own economy and functioning ecosystem. Some festivals host independent vendors on-site, but others use a gifting economy which essentially means that nothing is sold at the event. All participants therefore have to come to the festival with everything they need to survive. This encourages participants to form genuine connections with one another and show them how to function outside of societal standards and rules.

Feel like you’re going home.

All transformational festivals are held outdoor in remote or rural areas. Depending on which one you attend, you could find yourself on a beach, on a desert, in a jungle or a forest. These festival sites promote a return to nature, creating a safe space where participants feel empowered, can be themselves and be happy. Take a journey back to the roots, soaking in all the goodness and purity that nature has to offer.

Go on a life-changing journey.

The workshops and activities are an incremental part of transformational festivals and this is something that really sets them apart from most mainstream festivals. Your mind, body and even soul will be stimulated in new ways in workshops that you’ll have never heard before! And that’s the beautiful thing about these workshops is that you’ll gain knowledge in new things that you can take home with you.

People at these festivals are very friendly and open-minded, it’s the perfect space to really let go and discover new skills and try new experiences. And if you have special talent or skill, you’ll have an opportunity to showcase it and teach it to other participants.

Does that all sound really exciting and enticing? Check out these transformational festivals which are all definitely worth visiting at least once in your lifetime:

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