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EDC Orlando is coming up very soon and this year will be bigger and better than ever! Taking place November 8 - 10, 2019, this year will be the first year where there will be three full days of music! That means a lot more artists that you’ll be able to see. The venue is also expanding compared to the previous years so there’ll be lots more room to dance, headbang, and shuffle!

Just like EDCLV, making it to day three of EDCO is definitely like running a marathon; here are some tips for any first-timers to keep in mind before heading Under the Electric Sky!

Will call tickets

For anyone that has their wristband at will call and is heading to Orlando a day or two early, try getting your wristband at will call in advance! Last year, they had an off-site location downtown for ravers to pick up their tickets. If you aren’t there until the day of the festival, try to head to the venue before doors open to get your tickets! You don’t want to be stuck waiting in line while some of your favorite sets are playing.

Bring a hydration pack

Staying hydrated is definitely a top priority, especially in the hot Orlando heat and sun all day and into the night. There are many cute hydration bags and camelbacks that you can purchase on Amazon, at your local sport equipment shops, department stores, and even on! Many of them come in a cute style so you can stay hydrated in style! If you’re bringing a bigger bag, you should be cautious of pickpocketers; for extra security, hook small combination locks on your bag’s zippers to secure your items all weekend.


Stay hydrated & add extra flair to your outfit with a stylish hydration bag like this Dan Pak Sequin Fairy Wings Hydration Pack!


Bring a small bag or fanny pack

If you’re not a fan of big bags, consider bringing a small backpack or a fanny pack. These are great options for you to store your belongings such as your phone, wallet, and any other small items. You don’t want to go home missing your phone or ID by the end of the weekend!


Spiral Transparent Green Fanny Pack 


Don’t forget a hand fan!

The Orlando heat is blazing, especially in the sun during the day! To keep cool during the day, bring a hand fan that you can use to fan your and your rave fam off with! There are some you can get on iHeartRaves here as well. You can also buy a small electronic fan that is battery powered for more convenience. Some of them come with a water mister as well, so there’s definitely a lot to choose from.

Daft Boy Holographic Fan

Daft Boy Holographic Fan 

Slap on sunscreen

If you’re going to be raving all day in the sun, make sure that you protect your skin from harmful UV rays and put some sunscreen on before heading in, as well as bring along a small tube so that you can reapply later inside as well. The last thing you want is to be in pain from getting sunburnt.

Bring a rain poncho

On the flip side to getting sunburnt, Orlando weather is unpredictable and there are chances of rain. The festival will continue rain or shine so be prepared by checking the weather occasionally before the festival and bring a light rain jacket or poncho so that you won’t be soaking wet. You can buy one for 99 cents on Amazon!

Charge your portable charger the night before

If you're someone that takes a lot of photos and videos at a festival, then a portable charger is a lifesaver especially after you leave and need to meet up with friends or call for a ride. Make sure you charge it completely the night before and charge it every night you get back from the festival so that you’ll have backup power when inside the festival grounds!

Pick a meetup spot

With a festival the size that EDC Orlando is, it’s easy to lose your friends or get lost when going from one stage to another. A tip for anyone that is going to their first big festival is to pick a specific spot on the map to meet up before and after the festival. Throughout the night, the reception at EDCO might be spotty so it could be hard to reach any of your friends. Planning out a meetup spot ensures that you can find your group if you ever get separated. If you are planning to go with a big group, check out the next tip!

Rides at EDC Orlando

Meeting in front of a ride is always a go-to spot for me! Plus it's fun to people-watch while you're waiting!


Make and Bring a unique totem in!

Lots of festivals allow totems or flag poles with flags attached and these are great options for when you are with a big group. The many times that my group brought in a flag to a festival, they were super easy to find when we separated and went to other sets for example. This is also a great way to represent your style and creativity of you and your group! If you haven’t made a totem before and need some tips, check out this guide on how to make a standard totem!

Make sure you follow the totem guidelines on EDC’s website so that your totem doesn’t break any rules and get confiscated. 

Send Noods Meme Totem

Some useful items inside the festival

  • Toilet Paper - One of the worst situations to be in during a festival is heading to the porta-potties and realizing there isn’t any more toilet paper when it’s too late or not having any hand sanitizer. Bring some of your own into the festival so you don’t have to worry about that situation.
  • Ear PlugsAnother essential item that I think all ravers should bring and use are earplugs. Being in the crowd all day for three days straight can be really loud on your ears and you don’t want to be laying in bed with your ears ringing. You can cop cheap foam earplugs from drugstores or invest in some nicer, reusable ones online as well.
  • Chapstick & Gum - Some other nice items to have inside the festival include chapsticks and gum since the festival is so hot; these are refreshing to have (just make sure they’re sealed). If you know how to use hula hoops, pois, light whips and more, you’re also free to bring those in! For a complete list of what and what not to bring, check out the official site to know what to have with you before you get in and what to leave at the hotel.

Make lots of kandi!

EDC Orlando has some of the best festival vibes with super PLUR ravers. You’ll meet a lot really nice ravers and it’s always to trade kandi, or give away some to ravers even if they don’t have any. I have many kandi from lots of different festivals that all represent a special moment during those experiences and it’s great to bring home a memory of the festival!

Download the app for the lineup and map

Download the Insomniac Events apps before the festival to have the set times right on your phone! The app can let you plan out your schedule for each day and know who is playing and where. You can also pull up a full version on the map if you’re looking for a specific location or get lost. They’ll also send out notifications throughout the events, like reminders when DJs are getting on and sometimes even surprise sets or any cancellations.  

Be sure to follow EDC Orlando on Facebook so you don't miss any important announcements!

EDC Orlando 2019 Lineup

These are just some of the tips to get you ready for three full days of EDC Orlando! EDC is truly a place where you can express yourself and really go all out. These festival survival tips are some that can help you be prepared for anything and make some great memories. Another tip if you haven’t got your tickets yet and are planning to get: get your tickets now! EDC Orlando is close to selling out and you don’t want to be worrying about getting your ticket the day of the event when you can secure them now. Tickets are still available here!

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