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April 12, 2018 | 1 COMMENTS

Going into 2017, never did I imagine how much music was about to change my life. For years, I listened to EDM music on repeat finding each genre fitting to different aspects of my life.

Early in 2017, I stumbled across a lineup for a festival in Chicago called Spring Awakening. What caught my eye wasn’t the massive amount of artists going; in fact, many of the artists on the lineup I hadn’t fully discovered yet. But still, I was intrigued by the event because it featured my favorite genre of music. However, little did I know that I was about to walk into a whole community, essentially a completely different universe. Walking into Spring Awakening alone, I was instantly welcomed by so many caring, kind and positive people; it was exactly what I needed in my life amidst all the lows and negativity I felt in my life at that time. For once, I found a place where all of my self-consciousness completely vanished and my own restrictions tore apart.

From that moment of experiencing my first festival on, I can truly say that my life has changed drastically; ever since that weekend, I discovered more festivals and raves all across the U.S., places where I was able to break through my shell and express myself through the fashion and music and live my life without barriers. I met some of my future best friends at all different festivals from across the country, which was such a shock to me, given that I usually have a difficult time interacting with people. Soon I realized that raving is an amazing experience that allows me to spread positivity to others around me, like people did to me. EDM is what drew me into the community, but the rave community consisting of caring, welcoming and beautiful people is what latched me in, being forever something that is a part of me that I hope will continue to be in the future and grow into something more.

Heading into 2018, I am hoping to experience so many more raves and festivals, spread PLUR, meet more and more people and to introduce the community and culture to newbies, as people had done for me.


Chez said:

I completely agree with you! My first event was a small event in Fresno, CA, Life in Colour 2016. From that night on, I knew it was something I wanted to be apart of. <3

Happy raving!!

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