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One of the most beautiful aspects of rave culture is our vibrant and loving sub-communities. Rave communities have this magical ability to take a group of individuals and turn them into a sparkling pool of community and friendship.  Speaking from experience, I have discovered that sub-communities tend to grow from a group of fans into chosen family members. The love and support that flows from fellow electronic lovers are often the healing medicine to wounds you didn’t know you had.

One particularly soul-healing community grows from the dark wubs and dubs of rapidly growing producer, Isabelle Rezazadeh, commonly known as REZZ.

The group refers to themselves as “The Cult of REZZ;” a fan base that centers around implementing PLUR into their comments and actions, while emphasizing support for both their idol, REZZ, and for each other. As a member of The Cult, I can vouch for how soul-rising it feels to have a group of strangers come together, wrap their arms around you and carry you to the galaxy of good vibes and love. They carried me so far, in fact, they brought me right to REZZ herself.

My boyfriend, Jake, is a fellow EDM lover and Cult member. However, he suffers from an incurable inner-ear disease which rapidly progressed a few weeks before we hit the road to Shambhala this past summer. We feared the progression of his disease may prevent him from attending future music festivals, and if Shambhala ended up being his last rave he had one final wish; to meet REZZ. This is where the magic of The Cult came in.

post in the Cult of Rezz

Following my Facebook post for help, messages of positivity, love, and support poured in from Cult members almost instantly. The Cult then rallied together to grab REZZ’s attention, and through this army of love, she agreed to meet Jake and me at Shambhala. (Life = made).

Rezz Reply in the Cult of Rezz



Meeting rezz at Shambhala
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Yup, a fan base really did all that, and the love doesn’t stop there. The Cult has been known for grand gestures of love and support.

“It was my lovely lady’s first time at any kind of EDM show, and also the night I proposed to her. She was overwhelmed to find that The Cult had been in on it for months, and people she had never met were there cheering us on. [It was] completely magical.” - Cult of REZZ member, Hannah Olson.

The community has also been known for “Cult Meetups;” festival gatherings where members meet one another, vibe and chat. If you’re planning on rocking some REZZ gear at your next festival, prepare yourself. You may end up being welcomed in with open arms. (This is me at my first meetup)!

Cult of Rezz Meet up At Shambhala

Photo By: Lindsay McBurney

David Noriega was at Audiotistic this past year when in the middle of REZZ’s set, a new friend noticed his gear and tapped him on the arm.

“The Cult is meeting over there,” they whispered, welcoming him to his first new-family meetup.

Cult Administrator, Angelika Morris, says she can see the love and magic that flourishes within in the group, 

In The Cult, there is a genuine sense of community amongst people who just happen to know each other through the internet, despite demographics,” says Morris. “That ranges from simple things - like giving someone a place to stay at a festival or comforting someone if their pet dies - to truly amazing instances - like individuals who have tried to commit suicide and the community bands together to reach out. Just this morning someone shared their struggle with suicide and wanting to go to REZZ Rocks because Isabelle’s music saved her [life], and in the comments, everyone was offering to help pay for her ticket and bring her out.”

The Cult welcomes all, regardless of age, race, gender, location, sexual orientation, ethnicity, etc. The only requirement is a love for REZZ and good energy.

There is this sense that no matter who you are, no matter where you come from, if you're here to support REZZ that also means you're here to support one another. [We’re] like a family.” Morris adds.

Rezz Fans at Shambhala in Canada

Photo By: Lindsay McBurney

Sub-communities like The Cult of REZZ are what set apart rave culture from any other music community. The undeniable love and radiant energy that ravers create lets us be our beautiful, magical selves. It allows us to discover crowds of new family members that support our space-bound dreams, every twist, shuffle and headbang of the way. Rave culture creates communities of love and acceptance, and let’s be honest here, it feels good to feel loved and accepted.

What’s your most magical rave-community moment? Comment below and let us know all about it. (We can’t wait)!


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This was amazing thank you for sharing! Cult fam!!!

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