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Whether you are an experienced raver or new to the scene, there is an unofficial set of guidelines every raver should live by and its important we all follow them! I took a poll on Instagram to see if my tips were aligned with that of other ravers. The list below seems to be the most common pieces of raving advice.

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Stay Hydrated

This goes without saying, but I'm going to say it anyway. Giving your body enough of that wonderful H20 will go a long way, as we've all witnessed what dehydration can to do someone at a festival. Be conscious of your water intake and drink more than you usually would to compensate for all the raving you're doing! Visit our website for Hydration Backpacks to add some style to your efforts.

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Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Don't go "too hard" all at once. I've seen countless people burn out or have to leave a festival early because they didn't pace themselves. You spent a decent amount of money on festival tickets, so you want to enjoy every possible moment.

No Shoving:

Sometimes this is hard to control because the crowds have a tendency to get packed instantly. However, there's a difference between shoving and making your way through the crowd. Don't be that inconsiderate person who's pushing through people. "Excuse me" and "thank you" go a long way!

Don't Cut Lines:

Personally, this is my biggest pet peeve. Nothing is worse than waiting on a long line to get in and someone who just arrived cuts in front of you. Please be respectful and wait your turn, we're all anxious to get in.

Use the Buddy System:

Unless you're a pro raver and confident in your ability to get back to your friends/home, it can be dangerous for you to lose the people you came with. I personally suggest always traveling anywhere with a buddy. Also, always tell your crew where you are going and make sure you have a meeting spot since cell service might not work.


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Or, Don’t use the Buddy System:

If you feel safe, confident and adventurous, raving alone can be a powerful, life-changing experience. Just make sure you’re careful of your surroundings and have a safe and reliable form of transportation/place after the event.

Bring a Flag/Totem:

This is mostly directed towards bigger groups. There are times when you will all split up from one another to see different DJ's or do different things. Do yourself a favor (and the rest of us) and get yourself a flag/totem so you can find your friends easily. Nobody likes a train of people holding onto one another tighter than Rose and Jack from Titanic.

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Keep an Open Mind

You'll be exposed to people, cultures, and fashion styles from all walks of life. Try remember that people come to festivals not only to see their favorite music artists but to let loose and "be themselves."  Leave your judgements at home and keep your mind open.

Look Out for One Another

Other than staying hydrated, this is probably the most important unofficial rule for ravers. If you see someone who looks ill, lost, or out of place, don't hesitate to approach them to try and help or notify a trusted member of a safety service like Conscious Crew or Ground Kontrol. Nothing feels better than someone you've never met looking out for you, which is one of my favorite aspects of rave culture. We're family!

Whether this is all new information or you've heard all of this before, it's always good to revisit this list and share it with newbies. Consider it the Holy Grail of festivals. Rave smart, everyone!



Anastasiia said:

“Use a buddy system” will be my fav. Remember me and nathi disappearing all the time at EDCO? ? We still managed to find y’all in the end
Great article full of good advices!
Keep up, Rhe!

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