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If you’re a lover of electronic music, you’ve probably noticed the genre’s magical ability to transport listeners into dimensions of our own creation just by tuning in.

What’s even more special about the hypnotic wubs and dubs is that age holds no immunity to its spell.  

Whether you’re five or 95, the power of EDM holds no boundaries to its listeners, and is as timeless as it is captivating.  

The fanbase of electronic music is truly ageless, and its ability to pull fans together from all stages of life is part of what makes our community so vibrant and beautiful.


A common misconception I hear about EDM is that it’s a genre that can only be enjoyed by young adults. I’ve heard everything from it’s not appropriate for children to it doesn’t resonate with older crowds. I’ve made friends of all ages since becoming a part of the electronic music community, and it’s become increasingly clear to me that EDM is truly ageless. So, I sat down with a few fans (and new friends of mine) of all ages to gain their perspective on EDM and how it has impacted their life.

“[I] listened to Daft Punk when I was six and [I’m] still listening to EDM now. EDM is an ever transforming genre, so the ability to appeal to all ages is strong,” says EDM fan, Hatim Hafid.

Electronic music lover, Dennis Little, has been an avid fan since the 80s. Now at the age of 53, Little continues to attend and enjoy as many EDM shows as possible.

“I can say for certain that the community has accepted me very well. In particular, the Cult of Rezz, but I have a couple friends outside of the Cult as well,” Little says. “I think the community in general has very happily accepted that music has no age.”

The Cult of Rezz is a fanbase for electronic music producer, REZZ, that prides themselves on welcoming all members with open arms.

Dad and Son Heading off to Rezz Show
Photo Provided by: Dennis Little
Dennis and his son, David, heading off to a REZZ show

Little is an active member of the EDM community, and engages with the scene by making and trading kandi, interacting with the local scene online and volunteering with harm reduction teams.

“The more involved I get in the community, the more I feel like I am accepted as a music fan,” he says. “The acceptance and the non-judgemental attitude almost everyone has makes my age just go away.”

Family Attending Rezz Show

Photo Provided by Dennis Little

Little encourages fans of all ages to enjoy festivals, and states that while, “The crowds at shows are pretty accepting,” not everyone understands that being PLUR means understanding that music has no boundaries.

“Once in a while I get some unusual looks, but I feel like it may just be because I am not your average raver! My advice? Go, have fun. Enjoy the music!” Little adds.

Like Little, Shelby Heaton believes that the agelessness of EDM doesn’t just stem from the crowds, but from the music itself.  

“Some of the best artists in the business are over 50 and still making music,” Heaton says. “One of the things that I appreciate about the EDM scene is that it is so diverse (people and music wise) and it allows for the older generations to continue to be involved in the scene. Additionally, I love seeing parents bring their children to shows and introduce them to electronic music. As long as you're responsible, they are never too young.”

Dad and Son at Rezz Rocks
Photo Provided by Scott Cannon
Scott and his 12 year old son at REZZ rocks

Listeners like Amy Gee, who is the proud parent of five-year-old EDM fan, Lee, agree that you are never too young to enjoy the music you love.

Gee writes on the Cult of REZZ Facebook page:

Amy Gee Commenting on the Cult of Rezz Facebook Page

“[Lee] sort of grew up with EDM, especially ODESZA,” Gee says. “It’s the main genre of music I listen to. He actually sings all the words to Falls by ODESZA. He’s gotten into Bassnectar, REZZ and Boombox Cartel with me lately. He likes the drums and bass, and of course, the drop.”

Whether you’re a trance lover, hard style fanatic, bass head or anything in-between, the consensus among electronic-lovers is that there are no restrictions to who can appreciate and enjoy EDM.

“I think that electronic music is absolutely timeless,” Gee adds.

In a world structured around so many societal confinements, electronic music provides a magical escape without judgment or limitations. The only requirements for joining the EDM community are good vibes, PLUR and a love for the music.

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