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There are some DJs you just don't forget. The first time I saw Tara Brooks was at Burning Man several years ago, where she DJ'd in a dome that had flames coming out of the ceiling. Yes, real fire. It felt electric, and it was the sort of set that sticks with you for years to come. 

That's why it's no surprise that today, Tara Brooks has garnered a name for herself in the dance music scene. With a decade-long residency at Desert Hearts and countless sets at major festivals around the world behind her, Tara Brooks has earned her place as a go-to artist on any lineup. We caught up with Tara ahead of the release of her new EP release. Check out her latest release "As The Rush Comes" out now on Soundcloud

Urban Chaos Fringe Jacket

"This black faux fur cropped jacket is perfect for my New Years Day set at Breakfast of Champions/Its a New Day. San Francisco always gets crispy and it's a very costume-y/burner vibe so this will go with pretty much anything!!"

iHeartRaves: What is your production process for making new music?

Tara Brooks: Being so versatile in my style forces me to approach each track with a clear and focused vision. Genre and style come first, which usually comes from my current mood and recent external inspirations. My environment plays a huge role. My surfing and ocean time has drawn more listening to old school reggae/rock, trip-hop and tribal influences.

I also love digging deep in classic radio jams that have a special hook or vocals that create emotion. Once I find the heart and soul of the track (main vocal or riff) the bass will follow, and the groove will then build itself. 

Digital Dream Set

"I love this silver two piece set! It’s perfect to DJ in because it's baggy and comfy on the bottom, and cropped on top. I have to feel free when I play amd this look says it all!"

iHR: Tell us about your new EP, what are you most excited for us to hear? 

TB: I have a very special EP with my dear friend Hannes Bieger featuring the incredible Cari Golden. We've been testing it and the crowds have really appreciated it. We have a few special labels in mind, so will keep you posted where it lands. I also have about 10 tracks done, all different styles, showing my evolution over the past few years, and a music video collaborated with the very talented Red Bull/Ultra visual artist VJ Culture.

Ivory Sequin Jacket

"Any spring or summer festival or even a sunset soiree. I’m in love with this ivory kimono."

iHR: You just released a new remix of "As The Rush Comes," could you tell us about your production process on that? 

TB: The original parts are 20 years old but were extremely clean and well produced. I used the main parts to keep the heart and soul of the track alive and up front. Then, I created a more modern synth wave, rave feel. I wanted to keep the energy high with a solid but groovy techno beat, using the Roland TR-8, VPS Avenger for bass, and the icing on the cake was being in Bali at the W Hotel Studio, and using their Prophet 6 for the beautiful and moody pad layers and efx in the break. I kept Jess's beautiful vocals light as it just made sense for my vision.

iHR: What is your dream collab? 

TB: I've already done a remix for Rob Garza from Thievery Corporation's solo project Garza, but I would love to remix/collab on a Thievery track. I’d also love to collaborate with Daniel Avery, DJ Seinfeld, and Shanti Celeste. 

iHR: Tell us a bit about your festival style.

TB: I'm inspired by a futuristic, psychedelic feel like the 5th Element meets outer space. Silver, chrome, opals, classy and elegant, but with an edge. I also love bohemian, beachy, comfy, baggy, and earthy. Like a Free People vibe.

Dark Meets Light Rainbow Reflective Bodysuit

"I would rock this bad boy any warm festy rave night!"

iHR: What rave fashion trends are you most excited to see next festival season? 

TB: I've always loved bell bottoms, cropped tops and tanks, and would love to discover a comfortable bustier top! I hope to have more comfy materials and classy rave wear that you can wear to the rave/club, and possibly match and compliment it with something for a night out on the town.

Caught U Lookin' Fishnet Thigh High Tights

"I already see my jean cut-off shorts paired with these!! NEED!"

iHR: If you made a piece of kandi today what would it say? 

TB: “Desiderata”

iHR: Favorite festival memory?

TB: Playing Desert Hearts 2022 after the pandemic. It was the most beautiful reunion of friends and family after being away for so long. The energy, love, sound, production, and vibe was out of this world.

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