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Summertime is in full swing and the good vibes are flowing! There are so many great events coming up - from Sound Haven, to Hard Summer, to Solasta, and tons more.

If you’re planning to hit a festival this summer, make sure you take a peek at my tips below on how to stay cool and take care of your body at summertime events. These tricks should keep you protected from the elements and feeling healthy and energized all festival long!

It’s absolutely essential to show up for yourself and your friends to keep everyone on their feet and grooving this summer. No one likes dealing with dehydration, sunburn, or chafing.


We all know how important it is to drink water at festivals, but are you getting enough water to compensate for the intense heat during the summer? You should be drinking about half a gallon of water per day, but in the warmer months and when exercising (dancing), try to drink more than that. Remember, if you ever start to feel lightheaded, have dry and cracked lips, or are peeing less than 4 times a day, you need to drink more water!

I love putting the drink power called Liquid IV into a cup of water at festivals because it tastes yummy and it’s packed with electrolytes, delivers hydration to the bloodstream faster, and even has a bunch of vitamins in it. Drinking one of these each morning helps me feel more hydrated almost instantly. They’re game changers. I also like bringing pickles to camping festivals for electrolyte boosts.

I try to keep my cooler packed with ice throughout a camping festival, buying more as needed to keep my drinks and food cold. There’s nothing like drinking cold water at a festival, and you can rub the ice on your neck if you ever get too warm.


If you’re a thick-thighed human, like myself, this might be the absolute worst part of summertime raves. I’ve tried a variety of chafing products you can rub onto your skin, like a deodorant stick. Remember to keep your skin dry and clean. Elastic, tight fitting apparel can help prevent chafing, too. Try wearing bike shorts under a dress, for example!

To keep your skin happy, remember to shower often and change your socks multiple times a day!


Sunscreen is a basic but necessary essential for festivals. Bring a good quality, high SPF sunscreen for your face. Reapply as often as needed.

I’ll say it again. Sunscreen. I can’t tell you how many festivals I’ve gone to and brought it, but forgot to apply it. Sunburns are the worst and will have you in pain for the rest of the weekend! Just look after yourself and your friends and make sure everyone has a good coat of sunscreen on before leaving camp at summertime festivals, even if there's only a few hours of sunlight left.

If you’re prone to sunburns, try to find lightweight garments you can wear to both look cute and protect your skin. Parasols or umbrellas come in handy and look adorable, too. Don’t forget your favorite sunglasses and hats! Also, if you do get a sunburn, pack some aloe to heal your skin quickly.

Pro tip: put your aloe bottle into a sealable bag and let your sunscreen and aloe sit in your cooler during the camping fest. When you apply it, it will be cold on your skin and it will feel even more amazing.


At summertime camping festivals, battery-powered fans come in clutch. You can also get cooling towels to keep you from roasting at your campsite. Showering at least once daily also helps cool down the body temperature. The hottest time of the day is in the afternoon to late afternoon, so time your showers to be around that time or just after to feel the most refreshed going into the night.

Eat healthy, nutritious foods before and throughout the event to keep yourself feeling energized, even through intense heat. Foods that hydrate, like watermelon, can be a great way to keep cool while getting in some nourishment!

Stay healthy, stay happy, and rave on!

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