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Escape: Psycho Circus is Insomniac Events version of a Halloween rave. Insomniac’s raves always stand out as top of the line production value, so it’s no surprise to me that they go all out for Halloween!

Escape: Psycho Circus takes place October 27 - 28, 2017 at the NOS Events Center in San Bernadino, CA. This is the same location that Beyond Wonderland was held this year, for those who went. The space has a really beautiful lake when you walk in, then the stages are all covered and there is no grass beyond this lake area. I didn’t mind Beyond being there this year as it felt small and intimate and had no hills or anything. I do remember parking a little walk away but nothing too bad since it was walking city blocks and not a dusty hill. 

Escape psycho circus 2017 scenery

The event takes place the standard 4 PM - 2 AM, and the average temp this weekend in San Bernardino has highs of 81 and lows of 51, so you’ll want to make sure you prep for the temperature change if it does end up being that drastic.

They have lockers which are always such an easy solution to this problem. They’re only $35 for both days and splitting that among your group makes it dirt cheap. They all come with phone chargers now too, and are the perfect meeting spot at the end of the night should someone get lost. Buy one here.

As far as tickets go, the final tier of GA 2-day tickets is available at $219 + fees, but there’s still the first tier of GA single day tickets at $119 + fees. I love the option of having single day tickets because there’s always so much to do at Halloween I find it hard to commit to one event all weekend! You can buy your tickets here. For those ready to go all out on their rave weekend, there’s also VIP tickets.

VIP tickets are clutch because you get much more experience in your event. VIP is 21+ and has special entrances to the event. Personally I’m loving the bonuses they’re offering with VIP tickets for Escape because I’m a Halloween lover, so this would be the event I’d splurge on for VIP. I mean, a fortune teller and a trick-or-treat bar! UGH I JUST LOVE HALLOWEEN SO MUCH TAKE MY MONEY ALREADY. Buy your VIP experience here.

Escape Psycho circus experience

As far as stages go, Escape has four main stages: Slaughterhouse, Ghouls’ Graveyard, The Chopping Block and Cannibals’ Tea Party. As a reminder, all the stages are indoor. The lineup has a great mix of artists, and personally, I’m looking forward to Alan Walker and Tiesto among many others.

Escape psycho circus 2017 line up

In true Insomniac style, there will also be art all over the grounds and spooky, scary Halloween themed performers. Escape also boasts The Asylum, a 32,000 square foot immersive theater. It has 30 distinct environments, 120 interactive performers, movie-quality set designs and special effects for a funhouse only Insomniac could pull off. It sounds pretty freaky. You can read more on it here… if you dare…

Since you’ll probably want to wear a Halloween look to the event, make sure to check out the below guidelines for costumes.

  • NO drugs or drug paraphernalia
  • NO SBPD, SBFD, authentic-looking law enforcement, fire dept. or security costumes
  • NO handcuffs
  • NO glass or ceramic masks
  • NO full-face makeup that makes you unrecognizable from your government-issued photo ID
  • NO weapons or weapon accessories (fake or authentic), including axes, knives, swords or guns
  • NO violent props, including crops, whips, ropes, chains or tethers
  • NO sharp metal spikes
  • Please remember that we are an inclusive community, and costumes/decorations should not misrepresent race, religion, or cultural heritage.

So have fun with it! Start making your Halloween kandi and get ready to trade at Escape: Psycho Circus!

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