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June 11, 2018 | 1 COMMENTS
Shambhala is one of those festivals that seems to have a life of its own. It’s on every festival-goers bucket list I have ever met and its reputation to bring incredible music and art together is globally known and respected. I'm super excited to be making the tip up to Canada and attending this legendary festival for the first time. 

This August 10-13, the 21st Shambhala festival will be held at Salmo River Ranch in BC, Canada. The venue is actually a family-run farm which creates a blissful, symbiotic relationship between the space and the attendees.

Shambhala hosts a wide variety of electronic music from dubstep to techno to drum and bass and everything in between. Each of the 6 stages is masterfully curated by a stage director.

Shambhala Music Festival

Photo Courtesy of Shambhala Music Festival

My must-see acts are just as varied as the musical offerings. I am super excited to see Eddie C, a legendary DJ from Berlin, who usually spins the most groovy disco tracks on all vinyl. His vibes are also out of control!

The Librarian is another one of my must-sees! They call her the librarian because she has one of the most insane music collections of all time. Best believe you have never heard a single song she’s gonna throw down in her set. She is also an all-around badass woman and one of the founders of Bass Coast.

Christian Martin is one of my favorite DirtyBird DJs. His sets always take you on a journey and are super dynamic. He plays a blend of house and techno but I am definitely hoping he airs more on the side of techno.

Last but not least, I will certainly have to see Alix Perez to get my dose of filthy drum and bass.

A playlist for each stage can also be found on Shambhala’s Spotify.

Keep an eye out for the iHeartRaves team and say hello, if you see us. We can't wait to meet our Canada Rave Fam!

Shambhala 2018 Lineup



Can’t wait for your review on the Festival! You guys have no clue what you are in for 💙💚💛💜💖

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