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Y’all thought we were joking when we said it wasn’t a phase!? Well, here we are! Over 30 and still raving, Mom! Some of us might not be as spry as we once were (and some of us might be even more so now), but let’s dive into some tips for our fellow for-lifers!

Comfy AND Cute

The EDM Scene has always encouraged us to express ourselves in multiple ways and we absolutely recommend doing so! Just keep in mind that comfort should be at the forefront of the fit, shoes, etc. so we can keep on keepin’ on instead of calling it an early night due to some uncomfy outfit selections that we just end up tired of dealing with!


Silly In Space Fishnet Outfit

PTO (Paid Time Off), VTO (Voluntary Time Off) , Let’s Go!

Rest has always been an essential when it comes to festivals, but one of the best tips we’ve found is to schedule in some time for yourself afterward to take that mini vacation after the actual vacation! Who doesn’t enjoy a good Netflix N’ Chill day anyway? You’ve earned it!

Snack It Up, Buttercup!

We all joke about surviving off of one chicken tender for the entire show, but honestly eating a nutritious/healthy meal before the rave is going to be one of your best bets for endurance! Think green and/or protein!

Venemous Vengence Outfit

Keep PLURR Alive!

Who says that PLURR is dead? Not us! It definitely doesn’t have to be! For those of us that may be welcoming or introducing newcomers to the scene, we can always remind them that Peace, Love, Unity, Respect and Responsibility are still very much a part of the community by simply leading by example!


Let's Get Wavy Outfit

Dance Like Nobody’s Watching

Because the truth is.. If they’re watching, they’re probably just interested in joining along with the dance party! If you’re worried, try reminding yourself that everyone is there for the same reason: to enjoy the music and have fun! Nobody’s too old for music. Ever!

H20 and Take It Slow

One of the oldest tips in the book, but it’s still one of the very best! Bring along the hydration pack or make sure to keep a water bottle in-hand and with however you’re choosing to celebrate, make sure you’re pacing to keep that energy reserve going!


Flashbang Matrix Reflective Outfit

Through The Years, Protect Those Ears

We still want to be able to go to shows another 30+ years from now and actually hear what’s blasting from those speakers and enjoy the music to the fullest extent! So, earplugs are an absolute must! Plus, there’s so many cute ones nowadays, so why not!?


This one is pretty simple and to the point! If we’re gonna be moving across the dance floor, stretching is one of the best ways to avoid those muscle aches and help us prepare for the night(s) ahead!

It’s The Little Things

It’s what we’re told with everything in life, but as we gain wisdom and years in our raving experience, it really is! The smallest things to help keep you comfortable will keep pushing you on through! Packing some chapstick, gum or even a fan to help keep yourself cool. The small things make for an even better night!


Psychedelic Pink Outfit

Listen To Your Body

There’s no shame in the tired game! If you’re feeling like it’s time to head out or you need a small sit-down break, do it! We can still vibe while needing to chill! Plus, it gives you that extra time to really admire/take in the scenery!

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