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The iconic Y2K fashion trends are back and better than ever! Fashion is cyclical and it’s officially time for a Y2K trend reboot. Not sure where to start when building your Y2K-inspired fit? Here are a few of our favorite looks that have been revived.


Platform boots are already a staple in rave fashion. They elevate your look and make you feel like a total baddie. In the 2000s, platform sandals were huge. Now this style is making an appearance at raves. These Demonia Cross My Heart Platform Sandals channel Y2K energy while adhering to modern trends and rave styles.

Anthony Wang Nocturnal Mood Platform Ankle Boots

Rise to the Top Platform Boots

Playful accessories

Lucky for us, Y2K fashion included tons of adorable accessories. Think dainty, girly and colorful. Tinted sunnies, especially light pink, were a necessity. Check out these ESQAPE Heartbeats Frameless Glasses for inspo. Another important accessory was a body chain. These super cute waist accents will sparkle in the sunlight and add that extra something your outfit needs.

High Tech Life Geometric Glasses

Iridescence Butterfly Claw Clips


If you aren’t already, you’re going to be seeing marabou accents everywhere you look very soon. These feathers are stylish, soft and add a fun twist to any piece. If you’re looking to rock this Y2K trend, the Bubbly Baby Marabou Halter Top has the right color scheme and a groovy print. Bonus points because it has matching pants and a matching fan! You could also let the feathers take over with something like the Rainbow Reverie Faux Fur Bikini Top and Mini Skirt.

Happy Haven Outfit 



Show off your Y2K style in pastel pinks, blues and purples. This is your chance to model the “baby girl” aesthetic in the chicest way possible. Of course, the Recycled Fabric Rave Baby Ruffle Bikini Top is great for this trend! It’s feminine, pastel and has ruffled sleeves, so it’s pretty much the perfect Y2K rave fit. Don’t forget the matching Recycled Fabric Rave Baby Ruffle High Waist Bottoms!

EDM Bombshell Outfit 


Mini skirts

When it comes to mini skirts, the tinier the better. During the Y2K era, these skirts were usually low waisted and just barely had you covered. You can stick with that original look, or go for something a little more modern. High waisted mini skirts, like the Buttercup Baby Sequin Mini Skirt, are a great example of an updated version of this trend.

Rainbow Reflective Daisy Outfit



Various styles of chokers have had their moment in the ‘90s, ‘00s and even the ‘10s. The main difference is that during Y2K, dainty, colorful chokers were the way to go. The Hot Shot Heart Choker has it all, from a pastel color to a cutesy, heart-shaped ring.

Night Light Holo O-Ring Choker


Butterflies have already made their comeback in rave fashion, but they were also huge in the 2000s. Specifically, everyone was wearing butterfly accessories, like hair clips. The Butterfly Fantasia Hair Clips will pair perfectly with these Butterfly Utopia Earrings. Or, if you’re looking to combine multiple trends into one, check out the Free As A Butterfly Silver Belly Chain and Fly Free Butterfly Choker Set.

Rolita Couture X IHR Poppy Petals Butterfly Kisses Top


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