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Have you heard? It's the summer of Barbie! We're loving all of the pink outfits that we're seeing as everyone gets excited for the new Barbie movie, so we thought we would do our own roundup of all of the best Barbie rave clothes that we could find! Here's how you can be Raver Barbie this summer! 

PLUR Barbie

Barbie is known for her love of bright colors and bold prints, and this trend has definitely made its way into the rave scene. Neon colors like pink, blue, and yellow are all the rage, and you can find them in everything from crop tops to leggings. 

Rainbow Reverie Top and Mini Skirt

Euphoric Butterflies Marabou Mini Skirt

Rave Princess Barbie

Barbie is all about the bling, and ravers are too! Sequins, glitter, and rhinestones are all great ways to add some sparkle and shine to your outfit. You can wear a sequin bralette, a glittery skirt, or rhinestone-studded boots to really stand out in the crowd.

@madisonmazer in the Happy Ever After Marabou Mesh Top and Skirt

Rolita Couture X iHR Mesmeria Punk Fringe Bodysuit

Totally Glam Sequin Top and Skirt

Baddie Barbie

Channeling your inner Barbie isn't always about wearing pink, it's about sticking to a theme! For all of our Baddie Barbies out there, these fits are straight out of the toybox: 

U Could Never Halter Bodysuit with Leg Garter

Unisex I'm Unorthodox Cross-Stitched Chaps


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