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Trippy prints have pretty much always been seen at raves, and that’s not going to change this year. Trippy prints are better than ever with so many new ways to style them! Here are some ways to incorporate trippy prints into your rave fits and how to style them in a unique way.

Go Bright And Bold

Stand out in bright colors and a loud print. Think neon, psychedelic vibes. Although these patterns don’t need to be colorful, it is a characteristic of most classic trippy looks. Need a little help getting started on your bold and beautiful fit? Check out the Take A Trip High Waist Bottoms or the Lyte Couture X IHR Electric Lava Mini Skirt.

Swirling With Magic Outfit

Lost In The Sauce Outfit

Watercolor Eyes Outfit

So Sagittarius Outfit

Groovy Love Outfit

Black And White

Even though it’s common for trippy designs to be colorful, they don’t have to be. Black and white pieces can be very hallucinogenic. Drips, swirls and zig-zags cultivate trippy energy whether they have color or not. The Lyte Couture X IHR Illusions print is sure to create an ultra-trippy black and white look.

Digital Revolution Outfit

GeoGoddess Outfit

Drip In Tripp

Cover yourself head to toe in your favorite trippy print! I love Liquid Tripp and Sooo Trippy for this style because they come in every piece you could dream of. Looking for a bucket hat? A skirt? Arm warmers? A cute set or bodysuit? These prints have got you covered.

Freaky Forever Outfit

Disturbia Outfit

Psychedelic Wonderland Outfit

Color Block It

So maybe you don’t want your entire outfit to be a print, but you still want to rock this trend. Try color blocking! Pick one color from your favorite pattern and mix solids with prints. Some items, like the Kool Shrooms Splice Bottoms, already do this for you. You could also check out these Mesh Arm Warmers that come in a lot of popular colors and will be a fantastic addition to any color blocking fit. This is a great way to build the perfect outfit while showing off your personal fashion sense.

Neon Funkadelic Outfit

Mix And Match Patterns

Want to take your trippy ensemble to the next level? Mix and match prints! Pairing different designs with similar color schemes will really melt people’s minds. Another fun way to mix it up is by matching a black and white trippy piece with a neon trippy piece. The Proceed With Caution Ultra Crop Top and the Floral Love Wrap Around Bikini Top would look great together!

Make Yourself Smile

Smiley faces were one of the original trippy prints, and they’ve continued to evolve throughout the years. Today’s trippy smileys are often melting and brightly colored. They’re the perfect, lighthearted take on trippy! If you’re looking to accessorize, the Check Me Out Smiley Bucket Hat and Smile If You’re High Socks are awesome examples of a modern version of the iconic 90’s yellow smiley. If you want your entire fit to radiate joy, try the Neon Euphoria print!

You’re ready to totally tripp out this festival season! Have fun building your ideal trippy look for your next show.

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