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Platform shoes… Chances are you never wear them, or you have a pair to go with every outfit. Platforms are the cherry on top which adds a little… spice, if you will, to that rave look you carefully crafted together.

If you’re new to platforms, and even if you’re not, read on to learn about the different styles to choose from and to discover a new brand or two for your next fest. 

Types of Platform Shoes

Boots—ranging from just above the ankle bone to thigh high, platform boots are the most popular style of platforms in festival fashion. Can have flat or heeled bottoms.

Uh-Huh Hunny Outfit

Heels—like standard high heels, but with more elevation under the ball of the foot than standard high heels. Not recommended for shows where you will be standing on a hill the whole time. 

Sandals—with or without a tongue. With a thicker bottom than a standard sandal. The riskiest style to wear to an event as there is little protection for the feet.

Sneakers—come up to just under the ankle bone. Laces up like standard sneakers with more elevation under the bottom of the shoe. Either with a slight elevation at the heel or flat along the entire shoe. The most comfortable style of platforms.

Truly Trippy Outfit

Platform Essentials

When you are wearing platforms to an event, it is vital that you where them around your house for a decent amount of time to break them in before planning on wearing them 8+ hours.

Wearing socks that come up over the top of the shoe helps reduce the amount of friction you may experience in the back of your heels. You may also want to wrap your feet with athletic or bandage tape or utilize moleskin in the areas where you feel rubbing to avoid any blisters or sores that may appear.

Inserts, such as Dr Scholl’s, are a lifesaver even on platforms that seem comfortable when you first put them on.

If you can, make sure you bring an extra pair of easily packable comfy shoes in case you need to make the switch to be able to continue enjoying your night foot pain free. 

Happy Hardcore Outfit

Styling Platforms

Take your platforms to the next level by adding a bit of customization to those stompers.

Switch out the laces to a different color that matches your outfit’s main color scheme or accent color.

Add kandi beads onto the laces spelling out words like the event you are attending, the sub genre you love or even just a word you emanate. Have fun shapes in your kandi collection? Add those, too to give your shoes a little whimsicality.

Straps made specifically for adding to shoes are out there, but you could even add an o-ring choker or two to the top of your platforms to give it that custom look.

Easily clip on some lobster claw charms or chains to your laces to switch it up a bit.

YRU Dreamscape X YRU Rainbow Reflective Platform Heels

Platform Brands


The gold standard of platforms. Demonia’s are easily the most popular and well loved of all alt/rave shoes. You probably didn’t know you needed so many black platforms until you saw all the options Demonia offers, though they do have some colored platforms to choose from. Decorations include spikes, chains, lace, straps, buckles, and even kandi beads. Prices for platforms are currently $55-$135 and rarely are included in sales outside their website. 


One of the best known platform companies on this list, YRU offers shoes that will match your outfit perfectly. Details like pumpkins, rainbows, strawberries, clouds, butterflies, and even Naruto symbols can all be found on their platforms in colors from black to pastel to neon. Prices from $40-$170, but look out for these beauties to go on sale regularly. 

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