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Neon has been an important part of rave fashion since the beginning of time. Although the way that neon is worn today is very different from the neon tutus and leg warmers that used to be trendy, neon outfits and accessories are still a great way to brighten up an outfit. Plus, neon can be a lot of fun if you are at a rave or show with black light, your outfit will look amazing even in the dark.

Whether you’re looking for an outfit that has a fun, neon centerpiece or has subtle neon accents, we have you covered! Here are some fun ways to incorporate neon in your next rave outfit.


Neon outfits are versatile in a way that you can wear however much you want according to how you’re feeling. You can match both your top and bottoms with a bright, flashy neon color if you’re feeling adventurous, or play around with colors and pick a bodysuit or set that is mainly monochrome but has neon accents. Combining different neon colors can be a great option as well, although some neon colors could compete and clash with each other, it can be fun to play around with different colors and see what looks amazing in an outfit!

neon rave clothes

@cookievalentine wearing It's My World Vinyl Skater Skirt and Need 4 Speed Clasp Corset Top


Neon accessories are great if you want to bring attention to one or a few parts of your outfit. Bigger pieces such  harnesses and belts can be used, as well as smaller pieces like chokers and earrings to bring an extra flair to your outfit. Adding neon pieces to your hair like wigs or neon braids can really spice up a rave outfit as well!


@momo_dubz wearing Fishnet Mini Skirt and Dominate Strappy O-Ring Top


When you style neon pieces in you rave looks you have a lot of freedom because neon goes with just about anything. You can go with an entire neon look and mix colors, a monochrome neon look or incorporate neon with another style for a pop of color. A pop of neon against an all black look is always a great classic rave style, or other prints that incorporate neon like liquid tripp styles are a fun way to use neon without committing to an entirely neon outfit.

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