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It’s that time of the year when the nights get longer and snow starts to cover the ground. Winter could easily be the most difficult season to plan a festival outfit for. Nothing says “Winter Rave Princess” more than a holographic statement piece combined with some faux fur essentials. Translating the Northern lights into fabric, holographic pieces are the perfect way to light up the night in these darker months.

holographic top

Roma Holosexual Chain Halter Top and Hi Cut Bottoms

PVC mini skirt

Sky Full of Stars PVC Mini Skirt

holographic bra

Lavender Dreamz Holo Sporty Crop Top

holographic mini skirt

Space Date Holographic Mini Skirt

When paired with celestial or alien accessories, a holographic piece gives off major intergalactic vibes and is the perfect addition to a space or alien themed rave fit.

What is Holographic Material?

A fabric or material is described as holographic when a rainbow sheen is created across the fabric when subjected to a light source. The colors change depending on the angle at which the light hits the fabric. Twirl a holographic skirt and the fabric comes alive with flowing rainbows.

star mini skirt

Holo Star Mini Skirt

Pastease Holographic Pasties

Pastease Hologram Cross Pasties

holographic choker

Holographic O-Ring Choker

holographic pants

Spectrum Sweetness Holographic Pants Set


A classic in the rave community, there is no shortage to your options for holographic pieces to add to your next ensemble. Holographic material comes on a solid background—most often on white or grey, but colored pieces are also an option—on clear vinyl, and as accents on your favorite pieces.

Holographic pieces also come as one continuous spectrum and with smaller segments of the hologram along the fabric. Think sequins without any of the scratching (thank you, rave fashion gods).

How to Style Holographic Rave Clothes

iHeartRaves has tons of options for tops, bottoms, and accessories of all different colors. iHeartRaves’ Spectrum Sweetness Holographic Pants set is the perfect choice for any outdoor winter festivals coming up. You still get to look glam while staying toasty in those shimmering bell bottoms!

holographic halter top

Roma Twinkling 24/7 Halter Top

Hologram fanny pack

Pink Rave Hologram Fanny Pack

holographic hydration pack

Hella Holographic Hydration Pack

holographic boots

Demonia X iHR Holographic Boots

If you don’t want to go full out head-to-toe holographic, there are still so many pieces with touches of glitz like the iHeartRaves Sky Full of Stars PVC Mini Skirt. Accent an outfit with holographic garters, chokers, bags, or platforms. Add some shimmery rainbows with some holographic pasties and stash your rave essentials in a holographic backpack for the ultimate wow factor (but, as always, check with your event’s allowed/prohibited items to make sure it has the ok!). Even one small eye-catching addition to your outfit could be a conversation piece with your next new friend.

We can’t wait to see the next looks you come up with to count down to the new year featuring a holographic piece. I hope you all have a safe, memorable, and happy New Year’s.

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