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While neons and trippy prints are always in style, sometimes you just want to embrace natural beauty with earth toned rave clothes that give a subtle yet sexy vibe. We're seeing more and more earth tones at festivals lately, so we wanted to make a guide for how to style earth tones and neutral rave clothes for that desert-fairy vibe. 

Pick a base color

The key to nailing a neutral look is to keep it truly monochrome. The more colors you add, the more chaotic it can look. Stick to one earth tone at a time and dress it up with different accessories and accents in other ways. 

Woodland Fairy Top and Skirt

Golden Hour Fringe Top and Skirt

Dimensional Daze Bodysuit

Midnight Sparkle Sequin Skirt

Add depth with textures

When you pick a neutral tone to work with, you an add depth and dimension to the look by adding different textures and accents. Something with a neutral color that has complimentary embroidery can do a lot of the accessorizing work for you, or you can choose to add your own accessories to a simple fabric. 

Bring out other earth tones like greens and floral colors with pieces that feature these colors as an accent. 

Lace Flowerfields Mesh Outfit

Lace Flowerfields Marabou Outfit

Forest Nymph Halter Lace Bodysuit Outfit

Lace Flowerfields Dress Outfit

Lace Flowerfields Beaded Mini Skirt


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