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We’ve all been there. Where we are putting together a look and we feel like it is missing something. Since many rave outfits are made from a bikini cut, for me, most of the time that area that needs a little extra oomph is around my core. But what to wear? Do I keep it simple and just add a belt? Do I want to be a little edgy and make it a harness? Or do I want to give people something new and exciting to look at with a corset?

Rave Cowgirl Outfit

Over the past few years, I’ve been super into adding a corset here and there. I Heart Raves has several different styles to look through depending on the weather or top you are wearing it with.

There is the traditional style such as the Daisy Corsets Shine on Lace Up Corset that laces up in the back and wraps around the majority of the torso. This kind of corset is best worn at cooler events, as they can trap in heat from the sun and body like a greenhouse. Perfect for cool shows. Not so great if the temperature is over eighty degrees.

Power Up Outfit

Under boob corsets look a bit like a standard bra, but with the cups removed. They come in a bunch of different fabric types and colors, such as the PVC Need 4 Speed Clasp Corset Top which comes in black, red, neon green and neon yellow. The Sky Full of Stars PVC Underboob Top is filled with little holographic stars that can be styled with a cute or an edgy outfit and the Flashback Reflective Corset is perfect for adding some nighttime pizzaz the moment light hits it.This kind of corset top can be styled with virtually any type of top, with a bodysuit or just with pasties. Plus, this style provides some extra breast support for those of you who need it. A win-win in my book.

Certified Radiant Outfit

The last style of corset top on this list is in a bra style with straps or chains instead of fabric. The Bring on the Bling Corset Harness Halter Top has straps upon straps making it the perfect addition to your next edgy look. Both cute and edgy, the Straight Up Queen Shiz Corset Top combines black straps with pink o-rings for those of you who vibe with the pink and black color scheme, which you can also find in the chained version of the Never Cross Me Corset Chain Top, also available in green. This type of corset top is just begging to be styled with pasties, so find a pair you are dying to show off and get styling!

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