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Nothing’s worse than being out and about and having to endure an outfit malfunction that ruins the vibe for the night. We’re all attending festivals and shows to relieve stress, right? Not add to it! So don’t worry! We’re here to provide those tips and tricks to keep you dance-ready for the entire evening!

Pins, Pins, Pins!

All kinds of pins! Safety, bobby, you name it! Although we would like to hope that everything on our outfits are going to stay in place the way that we hope, that’s not always how the cookie tends to crumble!

Safety pins are a lifesaver when it comes to cinching up an area here or there on a fit while remaining nearly undetectable (They’re also super handy if some fringe might have fallen loose here or there).

Not to mention, pinning one top to a more steady foundation underneath the outfit is always a plus! When it comes to bobby/hair pins, they’re an absolute must for wanting to keep the perfect hairstyle exactly where it needs to be!

Speaking of hair…

You Want Me To Put Deodorant Where?

Okay, okay! Hear us out! Maybe it’s a bad hair day and you’ve decided to go in with a wig instead.. But who wants to deal with all the sweat that’s involved underneath all those things? Well, you don’t have to!

The next not-so-known tip is to take your clear deodorant and apply it along that hairline! Yep! Pop that wig on and bam! No more having to worry about sweat running down your face or potentially messing up that beautiful full face you’ve worked so hard on! Or if makeup isn’t really your thing, it’ll at least keep it out of the way of your eyes too!

When In Doubt, Tape It Out!

So you found the perfect top for your outfit and you’re worried that she might be a little on the “flashy” side.

If pasties just aren’t cutting it for you, we would definitely recommend fashion tape! It’s a double-sided tape designed to keep those clothes exactly where you place them, and it comes in water-proof versions too! This tape is also great for keeping those bottoms in place when they decide they want to try and get extra cheeky!

Shine Bright Like A Diamond

Dousing yourself in glitter is fun, but it's frustrating when you end the night with no glitter left in sight, except for maybe on your dressing room floor. If only there were a way to get that glitter to stay put all night...

Glitter glue is by far one of the best bets, but you can also use petroleum jelly, hair gel or even eyelash glue to get that sparkle to last! One of the most important factors in getting it to stick is starting off with a clean base! You can also use hair spray to keep your glitter in place, but that might not feel so good on your face. 

Baby oil also becomes super helpful when the time comes to getting it off too! Remove glitter with a dry spoolie brush (like the kind that are in mascara or brow products) to gently scrape your glitter right off and into the garbage. Just make sure you're putting your glitter in the garbage and not down a drain to keep micro plastics away from our water sources! 

Accessories On Freeze

Some sparkly/holographic fashion glasses can add so much to an outfit, but for those of us who don’t want to feel like we’re spending more than half the night adjusting them - this tip is for you! On the inside of the bars that sit behind your ears, place a line of hot glue, let it dry, and voila! A quick fix to hold those cuties in place!

While we’re on the topic of “freezing” things, let us leave you with this last trick that can be a money saving lifesaver! Got a new pair of shoes that you’re dying to wear, but the fit is just a teensy bit too snug? The ice method has got your back!

Grab one of those giant Ziploc bags, place it in where your feet would normally go, and fill the bag with water! Pop those shoes in the freezer until the water has completely frozen (the water will expand while freezing), remove them from the freezer until the bag has thawed out enough to remove and you’ve got yourself a perfect-fitting set of shoes!

These secrets sound crazy, but you’ll end up thanking us (or more like yourself) later! Enjoy!

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