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As one of the more well-known water signs, Pisces is tuned in to its emotions and connection with the world. As someone with Pisces in part of your big three you're probably well aware that most people think you tend to cry all the time, but the truth is that you just feel your emotions very deeply—and that means all of the emotions. Pisces season is all about leaning into what triggers your better emotions, and that can often mean letting go of things that don't serve you or don't make you feel a sense of happiness and security. Pisces loves to feel loved and appreciated, so you could be chasing that this month.

The good thing about Pisces season is that it comes right when we're heading into festival season, so there is a lot to be happy about. Here is a style guide for you rave babes with Pisces in your sun, moon or rising signs. If you don't have Pisces in your big 3, though, don't worry. I'll be posting a new guide each month so keep an eye out for next month when I go over you rave babes with Aries in your sun, moon, and rising.

Pisces Sun

You're an artist, Pisces, and you love to bring your emotions into the things that you create. At the rave, you're probably the one feeling all of the feels during Above & Beyond or getting your rage out at a dubstep show. Regardless of what genre it is, you're there to tap into your artistic side and feel connected with the art and the vibes around you. You could be into flow arts, or you could be the one going all out with glitter, rhinestones and makeup for the perfect festival look. Here are some picks I think you would love, Pisces.

Enchanted Butterfly Sequin Outfit

Sequin Sky Outfit

Sparkling Spell Outfit


Pisces Moon

Like a Pisces Sun, you tend to be tapped into your emotional, artistic side, Pisces Moon. But the difference is that you don't wear your emotions on your sleeve. You feel the feels, but sometimes you're a little more low key about it. You might not be crying on the dancefloor to your favorite trance artists, but you're definitely deep in the music. You're there to feel all of the feels, and get lost in the dancefloor. Here are my top picks for you, Pisces moon.

Recycled Fabric Nostalgia Outfit

Swirly Sis Cutout Outfit

Trippy Tide Halter Top

Pisces Rising

Your body may be on the dancefloor but you're in your head, Pisces rising. You're a daydreamer that understands the world around you, and you go to festivals and raves to feel a little bit of magic. You know that you can make anything a good time if you want to, which makes you so much fun to be around. Here are my picks for you, Pisces rising.

Drop The Beat Recycled Fabric Outfit

Liquid Tripp Spliced Outfit


Not sure where your sun, moon and rising are in your chart? Check out this website that can give you everything you need to know.

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