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We get it. If you haven’t experienced the world of EDM yet, we know it can feel like you’re stepping into an entirely new world. From the wildly expressive outfits, to kandi exchanges, to endless subgenres of music, you may feel a bit like an alien landing on mars when walking into your first rave (it turns magical within the first five minutes, we promise).

When the girl of your dreams dances her way into your life and tells you she’s a raver, you may be wondering what's the best way to experience this new world with your new queen. Don’t worry, we got your back. 

We asked a few rave babes for their most magical tips for anyone dating a raver. 


Here are 10 of our favorites tips for dating a raver:

1. “Let her express the true queen within (let her wear what she wants). Respect what they choose to wear! [Be]cause we want to be comfortable and look good. Also be ok with us stealing your jacket at the end of the night.” -Megan Moberly


2. "Be open-minded and take interest in her music and culture. Teaching each other new things is half the fun of a relationship. If you're into the music as well, make her a playlist of music you think she's like and seek new opportunities to see music together. Also be open to dressing up and matching at raves. That's her way of showing people that you're her rave bae and she loves you". -@tinydancer_88

Tiny Dancer

Photo Credit: @TinyDance_88

3. “They have to be open to going to raves with her, or comfortable letting her go with her friends/solo.”  -@festfashions :)



    4. “Be willing to take pictures at festivals together ♥️ it’s nice to go back those pictures and remember the good memories you had together at raves and festivals” -@loanabanana82


    Raver couple at Lost Lands

    Photo Provided By: @loanabanana82


    5. “Be open to trying new things, including listening to new music! Music is a huge part of a rave girl’s life, and if she’s sharing her beats with you it’s a way for her to connect with you on a new level. Listen to it with an open mind, and even if it’s not your taste appreciate that she heard it and wanted to share it with you.” -Mariann Roberts @_mroberts


    6. “ACCEPT HER FOR WHO SHE IS 🙌🏼. Do not expect her to change anything about what she wears, how often she goes out, or how friendly she is with EVERYONE in the community! She is a free spirit who quite literally can’t be tamed, but will stay so, so loyal to the one who loves her for who she is.” - Tianna Patrick 

    Raver Couple

    Photo Provided by: Stephanie Bajada

    7. “That they are free spirits! It’s ok for them to wander, meet new people, and be an affectionate human being without it being disrespectful to their partner ❤️.” - Joanna Leigh 

      8. “Keep up your endurance, us raver girls are tough and can stand for hours! Lol you want to keep up with your new bae and not make her sit during crucial sets! Lol.” -Amy Garibay


      Raver Couple kissing
      Photo Provided by: Isabela Metzger


      9. “Her rave friends are family, they are important to her, want to be apart of it and meet them during outside of rave activities.” -@kasiebugg


      10. “Attend a fest with her, at least once. Even if you don’t consider yourself a ‘raver,’ it’s important to at least try out something that means so much to her. Who knows, you may end up loving it and becoming a raver yourself!” -Mariann Roberts @_mroberts

        Raver Kissing

        Photo Provided by: Megan Deen


        What’s your number one tip for dating a rave babe? Comment below! 


        (Psst! A huge part of raving is connecting with the community! We asked these amazing beauties to share this Instagram handles, so feel free to give them a follow!) 

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