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It's time to get organized, babes. Virgo season is all about getting into a routine and finding balance in life. Virgo season brings a lot of change as summer comes to an end and fall approaches. With the changes in the season, u might be feeling like now is the time to start planning for next summer's festival season by getting a head start on ur routine now. Or, u could be spreadsheeting ur fits for the next festival ur heading to this fall. 

If ur a Virgo, first of all happy birthday! Second, u probably didn't need a reminder that Virgo season is here because u always have ur schedule locked down and know exactly what's coming up. Here are my top picks for the rave babes with Virgo ur sun, moon, or rising. 

If u don't have this earth sign in ur big 3, though, don't worry. I'll be posting a new guide each month so keep an eye out for next month when I go over you rave babes with Libra in ur sun, moon, and rising.

Virgo Sun 

Just like a diamond, u thrive under pressure, Virgo babe. U might find that u work well with a lot going on and u have a natural ability to stay organized in chaos. As an earth sign, ur naturally down to earth and are always a go-to shoulder for people to lean on. At the rave, ur probably the member of ur rave fam who makes a spreadsheet of ur fits for the weekend, or ur the one rallying to make sure everyone gets it together for a far away fest. Here are my top picks for u, babe: 


Fairytale Foret Floral Sequin Outfit

Techno Snob Outfit

Thunderstruck Outfit


Virgo Moon

As a Virgo moon ur probably the first person at the rave to try and help someone out. U might not be the rave mom who takes care of all of the rave babes, but if u see a raver in need ur going to make a point to see how u can help them. U might be the one thinking about what can potentially go wrong, but in ur head that makes u feel more prepared for anything that life could throw ur way.

Remember to let go and have fun, babe, and learn to find the balance between worrying and letting the universe guide u where u need to be. Here are my top picks for u, babe: 


Whimsical Wonderland Outfit

Fighting Power Outfit

Happy Ever After Tinsel Marabou Outfit

Virgo Rising 

Ur probably the most organized of ur rave fam, Virgo rising. Like ur other Virgo babes, ur the one spreadsheeting ur fits and making sure every detail is sorted out before u head to the fest. When it comes to fashion, ur fits are always perfectly curated and styled. U probably have a trusty steamer that u carry with u wherever u go to make sure that u never look chaotic, and u understand the importance of accessories. Here are my top picks for u, Virgo rising. 

Mellow Flow Outfit

Ignite My Fire Lace Up Outfit

Cyber Matrix Speed Outfit


Not sure where your sun, moon and rising are in your chart? Check out this website that can give you everything you need to know.

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