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Scorpio season is all about getting deep with yourself. U might find that u want to spend more time cozying up inside and less time out with friends, but also that u want to form deeper connections with the ppl around u. Whether that means that ur getting closer with ur rave fam or finding a rave bae to cuddle with, it's just the theme for this month. 

For u rave babes with Scorpio in ur sun, moon, or rising, u probably know the feeling of getting deep with ur feelings all too well. Ur rave fam might call u stubborn or stuck in ur ways, but that's only because ur loyal and firm in ur beliefs. U might be a water sign, but ur the strong and independent version who is in-tune with themselves and the world around them. 

Here are my top picks for Scorpio babes with this sign in their sun, moon, or rising. If u don't have this air sign in ur big 3, though, don't worry, u can find a guide for every sign here

Scorpio Sun 

With Scorpio in ur sun u might feel loyal, like ur devoted to the people and the things u care about the most. U might be a hopeless romantic, but u might also feel like u may never find love in the way you imagine it. U probably find comfort in music, and u feel deeply connected to lyrics or music that lets u get into ur feelings. Here are my top picks for u, babe: 

Flashbang Matrix Reflective Outfit

Rodeo Raver Outfit

Venomous Vengeance Outfit


Scorpio Moon:

Depending on what ur sun sign is, u might have a side to u that u think no one else will ever see or understand. Scorpio is a very reflective sign. Imagine ur a scorpion, burrowing deep within the Earth to feel comfortable. U might feel things intensely, and ur love for music feels like an emotional connection u can't explain to others. Here are my top picks for u:

Flamin' Fiesta Outfit

Techno Snob Outfit

Fighting Power Outfit


Scorpio Rising: 

People might often describe u as mysterious or quiet, Scorpio rising, but u find a connection in people in ways others don't. U might be attracted to things that are dark and alluring, but ur attraction to the dark side is only a reflection of how intense ur emotions can be. Here are some picks for u babe: 

Sugar Venom Lace Up Outfit

Rainbow Realness Reflective Outfit

Rolita Couture X iHR High Energy Mesh Assassin Underboob Outfit


Not sure where your sun, moon and rising are in your chart? Check out this website that can give you everything you need to know.

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