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One thing that QURL (Queen Under Radiant Light) strives for when she steps out onstage is to make her presence known. This Detroit-based DJ takes inspiration from some of the greatest onstage performers of our time, and brings that energy when she DJs her signature bass-heavy styles. We caught up with QURL before her highly-anticipated set at Gridlife Midwest 2023, which features headliners like Subtronics and Wooli with support from QURL. 

Gridlife Midwest will take place from June 2-4, 2023. Learn everything you need to know about the fest with our guide, and grab tickets here! Check out our interview with QURL below, and listen to her music here as you get ready for her upcoming set! 

iHR: Tell us a bit about your shows?

QURL: My goal is to create a unique experience for every performance, aiming to be better than before. I bring a fierce, feminine energy that, in my opinion, is lacking in the scene, with intent to empower all while promoting a safe space for everyone to enjoy without feeling judged. I primarily play bass house and breakbeats while sprinkling all genres in to keep the crowd on their toes! Come see for yourself! 

Summer is always my busiest season, so I have lots of shows coming up! On Wednesday, May 18 I hosted the first installment of "QURL N GURLS," my new monthly series at this awesome venue in downtown Detroit, Deluxx Fluxx. This series of events highlights women and LGBTQIA+ DJs in the Michigan scene. Next up, two after parties for Movement Festival; the first being DEF’s debut show in Detroit with BLAAP (Of The Trees b2b Freddy Todd), Calvin Stanley, Mary Droppinz and more at Big Pink. Then, back to Big Pink to end the wild weekend with Habstrakt. Lastly, we have the highly anticipated GRIDLIFE Midwest with Subtronics, Sullivan King, Wooli and more!

Nostalgia Cutout Ultra Set 

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iHR: What are some of your inspirations when it comes to performing?

Q: My top three favorite inspirations when it comes to performing are Nostalgix, Wreckno, and Nicki Minaj. Their stage presence, choreo, and ability on the mic, all while being their authentic selves is what moves me to break out of my shell and be the entertainer I know I was born to be. 

iHR: Coming from the Detroit area, how did that influence your music and performance style? 

Q: Being from Detroit has made me stand out as an artist because we as a city are innovators, especially when it comes to music. These genres are prime examples: Motown, Techno, Ghetto-Tech, "Jit music," and "Detroit rap." Once we bring a sound/vision to life, the rest of the world follows.

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iHR: Can you tell us a bit about your upcoming show at GRIDLIFE Midwest?

Q: I will be throwing down at GRIDLIFE Midwest and could not be more excited! I'm setting the stage for legends such as Boogie T and Wooli, playing my usual bass heavy set while debuting new music! Come early to catch ya girl QURL on Saturday, June 4!

iHR: How do you approach creating a look when it comes to your rave or festival style?

Q: Raves and festivals have two very different looks for me. For raves, I like to dress cute with fun articles of clothing and jewelry, and wear bold makeup. Festivals require more comfortable outfits to ensure full days and nights of dancing. But both outfits do have two things in common: sick kicks and lots of pockets. 

One Stop Rave Mad Catter Hand Fan

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iHR: What rave fashion trends are you most excited to see this festival season?

Q: The fashion trend I’m most excited to see this season is all the psychedelic prints! I think they're so fun and look good on everyone!! 

POCKETS!!! YES!!! An absolute cop for any raver or festival goer, won’t lose anything! 

iHR: If you made a piece of kandi today what would it say?

Q: “Gurls rule x Boys drool”

iHR: Favorite festival memory?

My favorite festival memory has to be watching Elderbrook from the top of the Ferris wheel at Electric Forest with my best friend while there were fireworks in the sky. One of the most surreal moments and sets I’ve seen.

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