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July 01, 2021 | 2 COMMENTS

Pride month may be over, but following LGBTQ+ influencers and creators online year-round is a great way to stay involved with your community, or support the LGBTQ+ community as an ally even after the world puts away their rainbow flags.

Rave culture would be nothing without the LGBTQ+ community. Its roots in underground clubs around the world have made rave culture the loving and accepting place that it is today, and the origins of PLUR come from the place of acceptance that underground raves and nightclubs gave to queer people before Stonewall ignited global change.

We've been following these LGBTQ+ influencers for a long time now and wanted to pass them onto you so that you can add some queer rave babes to your feed. Check out our list below and let us know who your favorite queer influencer is in the comments!


What pride month means to him: Pride, to me, means being loud and proud to live my truth and unapologetically be myself. It’s important to acknowledge that, though we celebrate pride month, there is still a lot of work that needs to be done. There are many individuals fighting to live their truth, and there are even places in the world where people risk their lives to be themselves. My pronouns are He/Him/His, I am a PROUD cis-gender gay man and even more proud to be a part of the lgbtqia+ community.

His favorite festival style: My favorite festival style these days is eccentric and futuristic. I love anything that stands out with bright colors, reflective material, etc., and let’s not forget the shoes and the accessories! The final touches always bring the look together, I can’t wait to get back to it this summer! 


What pride means to him: Pride to me is to be your genuine and authentic self, and to love others for being their genuine authentic self. Pride is something we celebrate to remind one another that we love differently, but we can all love together no matter what gender you may or may not identify as, and no matter what pronouns the one you love uses. 💛 Phoenix pride festival is one of my favorite festivals because it includes so many forms of queer entertainment from singers, DJ’s, to drag queens, and gogo boys. Being part of different pride celebrations in the past as a backup dancer, gogo boy, and patron it is always so much fun and so inclusive.

His favorite festival style: While attending I love to go for the glitter beard trend! If you know me I’m always wearing something gold and when it comes to festivals & pride I love to glitter my beard up! I’ll usually pair it with a golden harness which is another one of my favorite trends and complete it with a platform boot to add some extra flare. The best thing about pride is being able to express yourself through your attitude, connections, and of course outfit. 🏳️‍🌈✨ 


What pride means to him: To me, pride means being/living your true authentic self unapologetically. It’s a celebration of individuality and inclusivity. It’s an absolute freedom of expression. 

His favorite festival style: My signature festival style definitely wouldn’t be complete without some sort of sequins or sparkles (whether it may be a holographic shiny fringe disco jacket or a pair of sparkly sequins bell bottoms). A crown (I own pretty much every color), and of course my rainbow YRU platforms to complete the whole look in true Pride fashion. 🌈🥳🌈


What pride means to her: For me, Pride means embracing the parts of yourself that our society has taught us to be ashamed of. It's about uniting with your community, uplifting each other and celebrating how far we have come, as well as fighting for the change yet to happen!


Zavier Branch said:

Yassss! Mattijuana and Lulu always with the iconic looks!!! GAY RIGHTS!

Michael said:

OMG YESSS!!! Matt & Lulu are the icons, and they are the MOMENT!

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