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Perry Richardson knows that life is all about balance. Her Instagram page, @partyperryy, is all about merging the fun parts of life with entrepreneurship to create a well-balanced, fulfilling life for yourself. A quick look at her Instagram will tell you two things: that shes a badass female entrepreneur and that she loves a good rave. We caught up with Perry to discuss everything from her favorite things about rave culture and its history to entrepreneurship. Check out what Perry had to say below, and check out her free guide to getting high engagement if you're growing your own social media pages.


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iHeartRaves: What is your favorite thing about rave culture?

Perry Richardson: My favorite thing about the rave culture is the feeling of community. The uniqueness of an individual is celebrated. Acceptance of everyone is the theme. Individuals are encouraged and allowed to express themselves in a “No Judgment” atmosphere. Different backgrounds, different cultures, different people come together with no hate in their hearts. That’s what I love about the rave culture. Setting aside differences to uplift each other all in the love for dance music. The beauty of community gives me hope for the future.

iHR: How does Black culture and history tie into the rave scene and what does it mean for your personal experience?

PR: Black culture set the tone for dance music. My great-grandmother told me about the fun and lively dance music of her generation. That she danced in the streets to jazz music in the 40s and 50s. The 60s funk music evolved from African-inspired music emphasizing the bassline and drum. In the 70s electronic notes became more prevalent in songs and media due to the popularity of disco. Black culture used various forms of dance music to celebrate the culture and praise the accomplishments of the African American community. 

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iHR: How did you get the idea for starting your podcast?

PR: I had the opportunity to be interviewed as a guest on two podcasts within a month. This was a new experience for me. I fell in love with the storytelling aspect of podcasting. After this experience, I realized I wanted to share my story to inspire others. I've been described as very ambitious but also described as a party animal. Productivity Meets Party teaches others that they can have fun while getting all their stuff done. Funny Story: In 2018, my ex-boyfriend broke up with me because I didn't listen to podcasts. Now I have a 5-star podcast on Apple and Spotify. 

iHR: A lot of people struggle with thinking that life has to be one or the other when it comes to partying/going to festivals and being successful in a career. Do you have any advice for how to balance those passions?

PR: My advice would be to make sure your priorities are in place. Also, you know where your time is going. We spend so much time on social media, overthinking, and overindulging. You have to know what's important to you and WHY it's important to you. I also believe there are no such things as sacrifices. You don't have to pick one or the other. If you want both, you can have both. There is no limit to the magic someone can create in their life.

iHR: How did you know you wanted to start coaching?

PR: I initially thought I would pursue a legal career, but I was showing up more online instead of reading textbooks. I started getting a lot of questions in my direct messages. Questions about engagement hacks, photo editing tips, and how I was working with brands. My branding allowed me to receive brand collabs, attend festivals and shows for free. I've been asked to represent the rave community through modeling and podcast guest opportunities. I've always been a huge believer that "there is always room at my table." I wanted to share my knowledge with other content creators and business owners. There are so many benefits of growing a brand on social media. I found out that many people do not participate in life because they lack confidence. I believe that having a plan and believing in that plan generates confidence. I empower my students and teach them how to develop a plan to achieve their goals and reach their highest potential.

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iHR: What is your fav thing about iHeartRaves?

PR: I'm eternally grateful for the iHR team. My first collaboration with iHR was in 2018 when I had less than 2,000 followers on Instagram. They are consistently supporting content creators. No matter what they look like! No matter their follower count. The clothes are super cute and comfortable! There is something for everybody's type and size. They showcase every body type and size on their website, advertising, and all social platforms. 

iHR: What rave and festival fashion styles are you loving for this upcoming festival season?

PR: I love mini skirts! My new favorite thing is pairing them with thigh-high socks. I absolutely love the schoolgirl vibe. I also love the style of layering necklaces. 

iHR: What is your favorite festival and why?

PR: This is always a hard question for me! I have to pick two I'm SORRY LOL My first favorite is Spring Awakening Music Festival in Chicago. Chicago is absolutely breathtaking. Besides the scenery, I met my two best friends there (Shoutout to Kyiah and Katie). SAMF has a very special place in my heart!! My 2nd favorite is EDC Las Vegas hands down! EDC LV has literally everything you could want in a festival. The lineup is always amazing, the firework show is incredible, vibes are off the charts, and the production is 10 out of 10. It doesn't hurt that it's located in my hometown :) 

iHR: What are your top 3 EDM genres?

PR: I'm a bass babe but I do have a love for house music. I hula hoop and orbit. In my opinion, it's easy to flow to lighter beats than aggressive bass music. LOL My top 3 EDM genres are dubstep, riddim, and deep house. 

iHR: What are your top 3 EDM artists?

PR: My top 3 EDM artists are Nitti Gritti, Subtronics, and Svdden Death

iHR: If you made a piece of Kandi today, what would it say?

PR: My piece of Kandi would say Productivity Meets Party. It's a lot of words but it describes who I am. That is why I named the podcast that. Productivity Meets Party means to me that you can have fun. You can live a life full of excitement while still being successful. 

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