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Remember walking into your first rave? Walking through those festival doors was like walking through the neon-lit gates of electronic heaven. If your first experience was anything like mine, you felt like you were shuffling into an entirely new world with some of your closest friends as your guide to the stars. If it wasn’t for my sequin-covered squad, I may have never lost my festival virginity and discovered my love for EDM and raving. My entire world shifted from ordinary to extraordinary because a group of ravers took me by the hand and introduced me to their world. It’s so important to share our world with others. So, if you’re a raving pro, be the star-traveling guide you needed as a newbie. And, if you are a festival first-timer here’s a few must-have essentials.

Raver Wearing Matching Checker Set at Escape Psycho Circus

Model: Mikayla Shiann


  • Fanny Packs/Backpacks/ Hydration Packs
  • Give yourself peace of mind and store everything in the pack. Fanny packs keep your hands free and your essentials safe. You can unleash your inner rave beast and get as wild as your magical heart desires, without worrying about keeping track of your belongings. Fanny packs can also add some serious flavor to your outfit. Not sure where to find your perfect pack? iHeartRaves has tons of fanny packs to choose from! I
  • f you’re going to an outdoor festival (especially in a warmer climate) we cannot stress enough the importance of a hydration pack. Dancing as hard as you can + heat + no water = a really, really bad time. Don’t fall into the, “we’ll grab water in between sets,” trap. When you’re vibing to the music the last thing on your mind will be walking away, and dehydration and heat-exhaustion are not something you want to mess with. Save yourself the trouble and sip while you shuffle.

    Orange Vinyl Fanny Pack

  • Comfortable Shoes
  • We know you look fly in those heels queen, but those six-inch stilettos are going to kill your dancing vibe, trust us. Dancing at a club and dancing at a rave are two very different experiences. While we don’t doubt your super-human ankle strength, six hours deep at a rave in heels would bring even superwoman to her knees. It is also WAY too easy to get hurt from improper footwear (which nobody wants), so if you plan on dancing keep the heels, slides, flip-flops and flats at home. Boots, runners and high-tops are all fair game. 

  • neon comfortable sneakers for ravers
  • iHeartRaves offers tons of shoe options in multiple styles and colors that are perfect and affordable for all types of festivals!

    Clothes for Layering 

    Festivals can be warm AF during the day. Although temperatures can drop at night, there's a good chance you might still be warm from all that dancing! Rave outfits are an amazing way to express yourself in new and unique ways. Wear whatever makes you feel like your best self, just make sure it gives your body the chance to breathe. Need some outfit inspo? Check out our closest full of gear for women and men.


    Raver girl wearing neon green jacket at Festival

    Photo Credit: Kim ChampagneModel: Ashley Champagne


  • Gum
  • It's always a good idea to bring a pack of gum to a festival. Throw an unopened package in your pack before heading out the door, and chew away all night long. Offering a piece of gum to your fellow raver is also a great way to break the ice and start a conversation with your soon-to-be festival bestie.

  • Your ID and Tickets
  • Don’t forget your ID and tickets!! All too often, it breaks our hearts to see a newbie be so eager to get into the festival, they forget their golden tickets at home. Security will not let you into the venue without your ticket and ID (no matter how much you beg) so PLEASE save us all some serious heartache and quadruple check you have them before leaving home base. (Your ticket will also make a great keepsake, so save it afterward, too)! 

    Gold Rush Unicorn Crew

     Image Courtesy of Gold Rush Festival

  • Cash
  • There are a few reasons why you should always have some cash on you at a festival. The first reason is for safety. If your ride home bails or you need to leave without your squad, have enough cash with you can catch a cab and get home safely. (Walking home alone isn’t a safe option). Dancing can seriously work up an appetite. Have a bit of cash on you so you can grab a snack and recharge in between sets. If this is your first festival (or even if it’s your 1000th festival) chances are you’ll want to remember it. Bring some cash and buy yourself a souvenir! Whether it’s merch from your favorite set or a photo with your squad in the photo-booth, you’ll want to remember this night, trust us.

  • For more raving tips and tricks, be sure to check out iHeartRaves' Ultimate Guide to Raving. Happy raving!

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