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Life is Beautiful, hands down, is one of my FAVORITE festivals I’ve ever been to (in case my First Life is Beautiful blog or YouTube recap didn’t give that away!) for so many reasons—all of which I'm excited to share in this blog! Here is how to Plan a Trip to Life is Beautiful!

Life Is Beautiful

Taking place this year from September 16-18, Life is Beautiful is more than just a music festival—it’s a WHOLE experience that will make you fall in love with Las Vegas for more than just its shows and casinos. I was never a gambler (though you’ll have plenty of opportunities to do that during your visit if you’d like) so finding something like this was definitely up my alley. 

Much different than Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC Las Vegas), you can find a wide range of artists and experiences at Life is Beautiful that cater to various age groups and music tastes, which you can see by looking at any of their lineups. Last year, I checked quite a few artists off my bucket list, including EARTHGANG, Glass Animals, Tame Impala, Keys n Krates AND, much to the delight of my teenage self: Green Day. This year is certainly no different, with the lineup boasting artists like: Jack Harlow, Kygo, Calvin Harris, Beach House, SG Lewis, Tai Verdes, Phantoms AND the legendary Gorillaz, to name a few! Check out the full and completely stacked lineup here. Honestly, this festival does not miss, although I will say, because I'm huge into EDM, I really love that they have a dedicated EDM tunnel for all of us ravers out there! 

It truly is so fun to weave in and out of the different worlds within Life is Beautiful - you can go from getting down to the music at one their 7 stages straight into a seated and air-conditioned comedy show, or head over to Market in The Alley to peruse some fun vendors, then immerse yourself in a culinary experience that gives you a taste of the best of what Vegas has to offer. Life is Beautiful, as is implied by the name, was created to remind us of all the beautiful things this life has to offer, expanding our minds and inspiring us through various artistic avenues.

One of the coolest things about Life Is Beautiful is that it takes place in the Arts District of Las Vegas, which is only a short drive from the strip if that’s where you choose to stay. The arts district boasts 18 blocks of carefully curated art by Just Kids, featuring local Las Vegas artists and artists worldwide. Some of my favorite artists they’ve featured? Pretty Done, Camille Walala, Spidertag, André Saraiva & more!

Where to Stay

Regarding accommodations, I highly recommend staying closer to the festival to avoid any traffic. Because after a long festival day, there’s nothing like just walking a block or two to your hotel. A few places I would recommend staying at are:

Tickets & Experiences 

Or head over to LIB’s booking portal to find hotel packages exclusive to the festival! Speaking of packages, head over to their ticketing page to understand more about which ticket is right for you! You can choose from GA (1-Day or 3-Day), VIP (1-Day or 3-Day), VIP+ (1-day or 3-day) and the ALL-IN tickets, which grant you entry into Artist Hospitality (aka you get to meet your favorite artists), exclusive culinary experiences and get shuttled between stages (because walking is for peasants) – you can get 1-day or 3-day ALL IN passes depending on your budget and can always upgrade during the festival.

In the past I've done the VIP experience, which was fun because you get to enter the exclusive viewing areas through the express entries, have air-conditioned bathrooms, and their sponsors set up cute little areas where you can enjoy drinks or food in their lounges. The festival also sells VIP Suites for companies or people hosting large parties. These hospitality suites come with 15 VIP tickets, amazing views of the downtown stage, an open bar and so much more. Currently there is a waitlist but you can fill out the form here.

Getting There

If you’re not driving to the festival, the nearest airport would be the Harry Reid International Airport, or the North Las Vegas Airport. From there, you can either rent a car or Uber to where you need to go! Want to get to the festival without having to book a Lyft or an Uber? Check out the Shuttle Passes offered by LIB, where you can be picked up at a designated location and shuttled to the festival all 3 days! Each person would have to book their own shuttle pass but it definitely seems that it could be worth it if you’re staying further away from the festival and don’t want to drive!

And now, one of my favorite parts!

What to wear to Life is Beautiful! 

Since the Festival takes place in September, the temperatures are definitely not as hot as what you would expect - however, it still is warm and you can definitely get away with skirts, shorts and short-sleeved shirts or tank tops. Because Las Vegas IS a desert, it is important to note that temperatures at night could get a little chilly, so bringing a light jacket is not the worst idea. Here are a few of our recommendations from IHR’s closet!

Dancing In The Desert Outfit 

Wild West Warrioress Outfit

Bratz Be Like Outfit

Ready, Aim, Fire Outfit

Lost In Speed Outfit

Each of these outfits speaks to the current trends but also to the eclectic nature of Life Is Beautiful. No matter what you decide to wear, each of these outfits will make you feel like the baddest baddie in all the lands! Just remember to enjoy each moment & have the time of your life – because life really is SO SO beautiful.

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