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Spring festivals are pure magic in Arizona. The weather is starting to warm up, but it’s not too toasty out yet. We’re switching from fluffy and comforting to carefree and lightweight outfits. As much as I love to snuggle up in my now vast collection of faux fur coats, I’m so excited to shed off layers! Spring is here! The air is fresh and breezy. The sun is nice, not too intense. Plants are blooming and so are we. One of the biggest events in Phoenix that I look forward to every April now is Phoenix Lights.

Photo Credit: Phoenix Lights


Need a little background info on this fest? Check out the article I did last month on Phoenix Lights.

If you’ve found yourself reading this, that must mean you’re planning on going to Phoenix Lights 2020. So, now then, how do you want to look during this weekend of intergalactic fun? The alien theme is amazing, and there’s so much creative inspiration that comes out of that. Vibrant colors, shiny golds and metallics, futuristic styles, etc. The creative possibilities are endless when it comes to other-worldly art and fashion. Luckily, iHeartRaves has the perfect clothes, shoes and accessories for Phoenix Lights! I mean, hello, have you seen the new Higher Ground or Lyte Couture collection?

I came up with a style guide for five Phoenix Lights outfits that are hotter than a supernova explosion.


Captain of the Mothership:

This total space punk babe is flying the Mothership straight into another galaxy with this look! Who doesn’t love a good oversized T-shirt? The fishnet fabric is amazing. It’s breathable, comfy and cute. The reflective garters match the reflective stars in the T. Plus, accents are everything. On the topic, I love adding accents like hats and gloves to any look. It takes it all to the next level. Keeping the fishnet theme going, these rhinestone gloves are perfect and will make this fit twinkle even more. The holo hydration pack will be sure to keep this Captain from being thirsty all intergalactic journey-long. Okay, and these boots! These iridescent boots are over-the-moon!  

Holographic Rave outfit for Phoenix Lights

Super Star Outfit ,  Edgy Glam Rhinestone Fishnet ,  Chain Captain HatVibedration Holographic  , Demonia Super Stacked Hi Boots , Mini Hydration Pack 



This supernova look is powerful and luminous! The vibrant colors coming from the crop top and the high waisted bottoms in this fit are astronomical. The holographic visor not only makes this look sporty and fun, but it also brings out the blue in the rest of the fit. How cute is this backpack?! It works perfectly with the color scheme too! Of course, no look is complete without a pair of iconic shoes. This pair has cute little aliens on them!

Trippy Print Neon Pink Set with Holographic Boots and Sparkly Pink Backpack

Jungle Tripp High Waisted Bottoms , Jungle Tripp Cut Out Crop Top ,Retro Electric Visor, FAF Dune Alien Space Iridescent Platform Boots , Vibedration Light Pink Sparkles Mini Hydration Pack 


Galaxy Tripper:

Blast off to other planets and go on a trip you’ll never forget in this outfit! The trippy print on the bottoms and triangle top are from a whole other dimension! Since the top is see-through, these alien-green mushroom pasties will do wonders to keep this space-traveler covered. You can’t go far without a good pair of boots to explore in and I’m obsessed with these neon yellow ones!

I can never emphasize this enough, layers are important for long hours at a festival. The neon yellow kimono matches perfectly with the shoes and brings out the yellow in that groovy set too. To make this look even more neon yellow-accented, I added this fanny pack! Every adventurer needs something to hold their belongings in before going into the great beyond! Top this whole look off with trippy glow-in-the-dark body stickers, and BAM! All ready for lift-off!

Multi Color Trippy Print Matching Set with Mushroom Pasties and Neon Green Combat Boots

Groovy Gal Mesh Triangle Top ,  Gal High Waisted Thong ,Groovy Gal Mesh Biker Shorts   , Pastease Glow In The Dark Mushroom Pasties  , Now I'm Rich Marabou Kimono , Trippy Glow In The Dark Alien Body StickersSpiral Neon Yellow Fanny Pack 


Green Comet:

Baby, you’re not a star. You're a whole dang solar system! That’s exactly what this comet outfit represents! Be mean and green in this whole look. The electric energy neon top and bottom will be sure to send shock-waves throughout the nearest galaxy. Try opting out the silver top underneath and go for some classic green alien pasties, add some star stickers too! This comet outfit will have you dancing through the night sky with these super cute green and black sneakers. And, have you seen how cute that hydration pack is? It even has a neon green butterfly on the mouthpiece! For the finishing touch - add the rainbow visor glasses!  

Neon Green Rave Outfit

Electric Energy Outfit , Pastease Alien Pasties And Body Stickers Set , Please Me Corset Top , Anthony Wang Nite Runner Sneakers , Dan-Pak Neon Checkered Hydration Pack , Electric Rainbow Visor Glasses


Lost In Space:

This astronaut is lost in space in this inner-stellar fit! The shirt says it all. The pants and hat display a darker side of the galaxy. Whereas, the shoes and the backpack show the more vibrant side. The backpack is big enough to hold many items from outer-worldly travels, no matter how far out this astronaut may be. 

Galaxy Outfit for Men

Universal Love Glow In The Dark Men's Tee , Space Minimalist Men's Athletic Shorts - Split , Stargazer Snapback V2 , Team Electric Vans Slip On Sneakers


Want some EXTRA- extraterrestrial accessories? Try adding some of these to your look! 

Rave accessories

Lunautics Power Tinsel Hair Extensions , Get Braidified Neon Green Hair ExtensionsLunautics Zenon UV Reactive Glitter , Lunautics Cosmic Crystals Alien Face JewelsLunautics Neon Yellow Glitzy Glitter ,Daft Boy Reflective Flash Fantasy Fan


Alien Pasties

These cute little alien pasties would also look perfect underneath any of the above looks too!  

Alien Pasties

Neva Nude Kanye The Alien Super Holographic Pasties


Space Bandanas

Remember, Arizona festivals can be a little bit dusty due to our beautiful desert environment! So don’t forget to bring a bandana!

Space Seamless Mask

Dark Matter Seamless Mask Bandana


I hope this style guide helps you find the perfect look for Phoenix Lights 2020! Have a great time, no matter what you end up wearing! 

See you at Rawhide Events Center!

Peace, Love, Unity & Respect!






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