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Founded in 2015, Phoenix Lights Festival is a 2 day massive music festival, held just outside Phoenix, Arizona. This year's event boasts a killer lineup and is set to take place at The Park at Wild Horse Pass on April 7th & 8th, 2018. The event's host, Relentless Beats, has been paving the way for Phoenix’s rave scene, organizing diverse and fresh lineups, especially this year's. 

This year’s lineup includes Diplo, Martin Garrix, Seven Lions, and special guest Green Velvet. But of course, you can’t expect it to be JUST electronic music, can you?! Last year, Relentless Beats included one rap artist to the lineup and decided to keep the tradition alive by including Gucci Mane and Travis Scott to this year’s Phoenix Lights. For those wanting to expand their musical horizons, check out these five artists:


Seven Lions

Seven Lions is one of the artists I can’t miss when he’s playing at an event! He’s known for effortlessly mixing in trance and dubstep into his sets, taking the crowd on a journey of feels to headbanging to some hardcore bass. His first episode of The Observatory is a perfect example of his musical taste, starting off with the slow melodic tunes of Lane 8 and later bringing in the fire with ‘Cold Hearted’, his collaboration with Kill the Noise. If you’re a dubstep and trance lover, Seven Lions is for you!


Green Velvet

After years of raving, I’ve slowly started to appreciate deep house, techno, tech house, and minimal techno for the groovy beats. One of the first techno artists I saw was Green Velvet in San Francisco last year and he blew my mind! I didn’t know I could dance so much. For those wanting to explore the deep side of electronic music, Green Velvet is an artist to not miss at Phoenix Lights.


A unique experience to witness, Cape Town’s Goldfish is one of the few upcoming artists you absolutely MUST check out! Their tour includes a live performance of the duo jamming out on the keyboard, double bass, flute and saxophone along with the electronic synths. Their latest mixtape is just a taste of what to expect when you see them live in April!

Chris Lake

"Ring ring goes the telephone, there’s no one home..." Sounds familiar, right? You’ve probably heard house producer Chris Lake’s famous song, ‘Operator’ without even knowing. You might have even gotten the catchy tune stuck in your head. Lake has even collaborated with Chris Lorenzo to make an equally groovy single called ‘Nothing Better’, which I currently have on repeat. If you like to shake your rave booty, Chris Lake better be on your set schedule!

Martin Garrix

This a little embarrassing to admit, but I have never seen Martin Garrix live. The only song I really knew from Martin Garrix was ‘Animals’, the song that made him popular back in 2013. Browsing through his Soundcloud, I fell in love with his single called ‘Pizza’, which reminded me of the good ol’ days back in 2012, when house music was at its peak. If you’re attending Phoenix Lights, catch his set for me!

Check out the rest of this amazing lineup below! Grab your Phoneix Lights Tickets here. 
phoenix lights 2018 line up

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