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Negar Hamidzadeh, widely recognized as Nostalgix, writer-rapper-producer claims her name to fame as the modern-day 90s ‘It Girl’. The “Brat” and “My Type” singer and producer broke records in EDM history as she performed the mainstage as one of the few female acts at EDC Las Vegas furthering inclusive representation in the industry.

Determined to break her personal records in her discography and self-expression, her new EP, STAR CITY highlighting “Lockdown” with Scrufizzer is scheduled to release on November 17th. The fierce, red-headed party-starter-producer remains creating a new generation of house music with old-school 90s rap, deep basslines, and her exclusive use of bold, flirtatious lyrics of self-confidence.

Self-claiming this EP accurately captures her vision as an artist, this EP is a reiteration of her electronic orchestra characterized in unique ferociousness and female empowerment.

To accompany her EP, Nostalgix has just announced her Star City Tour which is her biggest tour to date. I, Mary Mason of iHeartRaves, caught up with Nostalgix after her performance at Goldrush Festival 2023: Sonoran Skies to discuss her recent single, “WAR” with Rico Nasty, a difficult phase in her career which lead to her current success, and a small reminder for confidence.  

iHR: How do you feel after your performance? 

Nostalgix: So good! It was so much fun. I didn’t know Arizona was this hot ‘cause it’s my first time out here, so I’ve been sweatin’. 

iHR: Congratulations on your latest release, “WAR” with Rico Nasty! What can you tell us about the creative process and how you knew you had to work with Rico Nasty?

Nostalgix: Thank you! I just really wanted to work with a very powerful and unique, badass vocalist because I feel like to me, that’s what the instrumental of the record was. So, I think it  made sense, you know, Rico Nasty is the embodiment of badass and unique; I was like this is a perfect mix

iHR: You really carry that badass energy as well, which leads me into my next question. As a female genre-bender in EDM, can you describe how rap and house music intersect for you?

Nostalgix: Oh, my God, I think it’s the perfect blend of everything. For me, when I got really interested in EDM and I was learning all about it, I went to go see Dr. Fresch; it was the first time I saw G-house which is kind of like a blend of hip-hop and house music. It’s very swaggy and cool. It made me fall in love with dance music in general and made me want to produce. So like, I feel like now, I’m carrying that energy and doing it in my own way. 

iHR: That’s beautiful. To say you’re bold but flirty with your sense of fashion and style is an understatement. Where do you derive your fashion inspiration?

Nostalgix: Thank you! Honestly, from everywhere! All of my influences of what I see day to day, but I think for me, the biggest approach to being creative or choosing what to do is if I see something cool, I lean towards it. I don’t think twice, I just go for it. I think that’s where I get a lot of my fashion inspo because if I see something cool, I can take that and style it, turn it into an outfit or tie it into a release

iHR: Again, you carry such fearless energy. With that being said, what advice would you give to someone who would like to become more confident in their self-expression?

Nostalgix: That’s such a cute question! I think you just gotta go for it! You have one life, you gotta push yourself, you won’t always be confident and that’s okay. But, I think it’s reminding yourself: I’m going to put my best foot forward and I’m going to try my best and maybe today I’ll be the baddest bitch in the room, maybe I won’t be, but that’s okay, but I’ll try. 

iHR: Fake it ‘til you make it. 

Nostalgix: That part. 

iHR: So, was there ever a point in your career where you felt like you hit a wall or stuck without any progress? How did you overcome that phase?

Nostalgix: I wouldn’t say I hit a wall, but last November I was in this period where I was looking for new management. I spent three months managing myself in between touring and playing festivals. To be honest, it was my first time doing anything like that and I had no idea what I was doing, but I was very much just figuring it out and overworking myself so I feel like I hit a wall at that point, but not in terms of not growing. I was still growing, and people were excited about what I was doing, but I was tired. I was overworking myself to the ground trying to make everything work. It was a one-girl-show! 

iHR: I love that it seems like you were reaching for something else. Also, I love your track “My Type”, I actually sent the song to someone who I tried shooting my shot with; it worked. Who is your celebrity crush you would dedicate the song to?

Nostalgix: Charlie Puth. I think he’s really cute. He’s so wholesome and very talented. Cool person. 

iHR: As a fellow writer, what inspires you to write?

Nostalgix: I think life experiences. One thing I’ve learned about myself is I feel like I’m very good at writing parts of me that I wouldn’t express day-to-day. I feel like when I write it’s like I have this attitude I bring to my songs that I don’t necessarily have in day-to-day life. It’s a cool way for me to express that and get to perform that on stage. 

iHR: Out of curiosity, would you be open to producing a Boiler room set?

Nostalgix:  I would love to! Are you kidding me? I see those videos and it looks so sick! The energy would be insane! It’s gonna happen for sure and I look forward to that day! 

iHR: You made history as one of the few female acts to perform the mainstage at EDC Las Vegas and you’re still rapidly progressing. What is next for you?

Nostalgix: I think for me, the focus right now is to build my show and it’s been a big goal of mine since I started doing this: is to put on a unique show that you don’t get to experience anywhere else. So, that’s the music, the feeling you get while you’re at the show, the visuals, everything that fits in that kind of world. That’s what I’m working on, it’s in progress, and it’s happening, it’s coming! 

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