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The seasons are changing and we’re almost faced with the painful task of having to say goodbye to summer festivals. But before we fully transition into the fall, Southern California is lucky enough to be able to host Nocturnal Wonderland! 

I’m so excited for my first Nocturnal!  For the last few years, I’ve dreamed of going to this event. Unfortunately, I’m usually broke around this time of year from all the summer festival happenings and living in Oregon made it expensive/difficult to get down to Southern California. But now I’m a proud Orange County resident and I’ve been looking forward to this since I knew I was moving a few months ago. When I saw the lineup come out, I became even more excited. AND even more excited when I went to the venue for the first time ever for HARD Summer in August. This year, Nocturnal’s line up features a ton of up and coming artists just waiting to be discovered! While I’m looking forward to discovering all that new music, here are my top 5 artists I’m looking forward to seeing at Noc! 

Dillon Francis

Some people may say he’s overrated but this is going to be my 7th time seeing him and I’m not sick of him one bit. (My husband and I went to our first date at his show back in 2014, so I might be biased) Whether it’s Dillon or DJ Hanzel or Preston, I always have the best time at his sets.

Valentino Khan

In 2015, Valentino Played in Portland.  It still blows me away when I think about how much fun that set was. I think he’s definitely one of the most underrated dj’s and I’m looking forward to seeing him throw down on the big stage.  My best workouts are done while listening to his EDC sets so I’m confident he’ll be making everybody pumped up and ready to dance.


Where’s my Vomit Squad at? Snails has been in my top 5 DJs since I saw him at Paradiso in 2015. I’m looking forward to getting grimey with some felllow bass heads at this set. This is an old mix but still one of my favorites.


Due to one thing or another, I missed Subfocus’ sets at previous events.  Even if I go alone, I’m 100% determined to see him. I need some good dnb in my life! This is my favorite song and I’ve been working on some sweet shuffle moves – keep an eye out for me on the dance floor! 


Looking forward to seeing the King of Bass again. I saw Excision 6 times last year but the last time I saw him absolutely blew me away. That was in a small theater in Eugene, Oregon so I can’t wait to see what he’ll do on a big stage! Everytime I hear this set, it makes me pumped and ready to headbang. 

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