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We’re reaching the end of a decade, can you believe it? 2020 is just around the corner, and whether you’re spending New Year’s Eve at an event listening to the set you’ve been waiting for, or spending time with your best friends old and new, I’m here to show you how to easily put together an easy and totally doable look! Using some of my favorite products from iHeartraves! 

How to create a new year's eve makeup look

Now this look couldn’t be any easier to be honest, which is great for those last minute parties and events. Or if you simply just can’t decide on a look you’re going for. This soft pink and pastel look with iridescent chunky glitter and an amazing set of face jewels from Lunautics. You can’t go wrong! 


New Year's Eve Glam Look

For starters, I threw on a white eyeshadow to my entire lid. You can get creative with which colors you decide to go for, just make sure that it’s lighter than the other shades you plan on using.

Next, taking a color of your choice, (I went for a nice pretty pink) go into both the inner and outer corners of your lid. Creating a halo effect of sorts, but sure to blend so there isn’t any harsh lines! Then, this is the fun part, I added chunky glitter to the middle of my lid and brought that down to under my eyes to the midpoints of my cheeks. And of course, the piece de resistance, face jewels from Lunautics and lashes!! These two really pull this look together, taking it to that next level glam that you want to bring into the New Year!

Lunautics Glitter and Body Jewels

Lunatuics Cosmic Crystals and Holographic Fantasies Glitter

Photo Credit: Alexis Jelenich @alexisjelenich

This was a year to remember no doubt. But with each passing year we always set new and better intentions than the last, hoping to create more wonderful memories than the last. As we reach the end of a decade, (which still blows my mind) remember to know your worth, treat people with kindness and care, and manifest those goals and dreams for the next year and make them a reality! And of course, this goes without saying, be safe this New Year’s Eve! Stay hydrated, make smart decisions, and look out for one another. Much love to you and yours, see you next year! 

New Years Eve Makeu Inspiration

Photo Credit: Alexis Jelenich @alexisjelenich

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