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Our favorite DJs rang in the new year with lots of new music! From familiar faces with a new sound to tracks from a decade-old vault, we’ve already got plenty of things to be grateful for in 2023.

Quest For Fire - Skrillex

If you haven’t listened to this album yet, you need to. It is truly amazing. Don’t be expecting all these tracks to sound like your old Skrillex dubstep favorites, he experiments in the best ways possible. But you will hear an homage to the good old days with a familiar sound bite from “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites” in “Leave Me Like This.” Oh, and almost immediately after this release, he surprise-dropped ANOTHER album, Don’t Get Too Close.

The Fit: Super Shock Outfit

Be ready for anything next time you see Skrillex. Will he dabble in drum and bass, play dubstep classics or shock us with even more new music? In this fun, holographic outfit, you’ll be able to match whatever vibe the show is giving.

S.O.S. - Zeds Dead, Jauz, Nicole Millar

“S.O.S.” is an emotional melodic dubstep track that features Nicole Millar’s vocals. You’ll hear elements of both artists’ styles join together to form a truly beautiful song. With a catchy melody, passionate lyrics and just enough bass, “S.O.S.” makes a third hit from Zeds Dead and Jauz.

The Fit: Techno Kitty Outfit

A collab this good should inspire you to do some collaboration of your own. This outfit is perfect for matching with your rave fam. It comes in two different colors and can be customized to fit everyone’s individual style by changing out what is worn underneath.

Things Don’t Always Go The Way You Plan - Flume

This album may be new to us, but some of the tracks date back to 2012. Ten years after his debut album was released, Flume began putting Things Don’t Always Go The Way You Plan together with mixes found on old laptops and hard drives. The 10 songs included in this piece range from 2012 to 2021, so you can listen for any changes in his technique or influence throughout the past decade. The mixtape also features collabs with artists such as Panda Bear and Injury Reserve.

The Fit: Alien Quest UV Reactive Neon Leg Wraps

Just like Flume, leg wraps were totally in the spotlight in 2012 and are still around today. Appreciate Flume’s journey and relive rave fashion’s history while embracing current trends (like UV reactive clothing) in these leg wraps.

Born To Suffer - Svdden Death

If you’ve been to a Svdden Death show in the past year or so, you’ve probably already heard “Born To Suffer.” The heavy-metal sounding track has been kicking off sets for a while, but now it’s finally been given an official release. This dubstep banger is heavy on the bass and very different from Svdden Death’s recent ventures into house music.

The Fit: Laser Cut Outfit

There’s no question that this track is dark and you need an all black fit when you hear it live. The Laser Cut Outfit is sure to make you feel powerful. It features a cropped puffer, sexy garter bottoms and cat eye sunglasses.

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