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As festival season is coming in full-swing, trends in festival fashion also make their mark on the season. This year, neon is the big trend in festival fashion, and I'm all about it!

Neon outfits can be worn in so many ways: it could be mixed with other neon accessories to make all the colors pop, or it could be toned down with black to create a fierce look. There’s so much room to experiment with colors when it comes to neon outfits, and it leaves a lot of room for self-expression when you’re choosing your outfits for music festivals.

Not sure how to style neon outfits and looking for some inspiration? Look no further! Here are some ideas on how to style neon outfits from iHeartRaves that will be turning heads at your next music festival!

Outfit Styling 101

First, let's start with outfit styling 101. If you're not sure how to start styling your own rave outfit and need help starting, here’s my usual process when I’m preparing my outfits for shows and festivals.

1. Figure out a color scheme or theme

The first step I usually take in my outfit planning is finding a theme or color scheme to narrow my search down. Are you going to a dubstep show and wanting to wear all black? Are you wanting a forest fairy themed outfit at Electric Forest? Sometimes if I find a favorite top or an accessory, I plan my outfit around that one piece as well. Having an initial plan saves so much time, and your wallet will be thanking you later.

2. Choose the main pieces of your outfit

There are several combinations of what you could choose for your outfit. You could wear a matching set, different top, and bottoms, a bodysuit, pasties with bottoms, the possibilities are endless. Choose outfits according to your comfort level, but don’t be afraid to branch out! I personally started wearing underboob tops recently, and even though I kept telling myself at first that it wasn’t my style, I instantly fell in love with them when I tried it out.

3. Choose your accessories

This is usually my last step since it gives me room to look at my budget and see what I can add to my outfit to spice it up. Face gems and glitter are my usual go-tos (if you’re looking for biodegradable glitter, iHeartRaves has a good selection!) since they are usually low-budget and face gems can be reused again. Harnesses, garters, fishnets, and leg wraps are other good items to add to your outfits as well.


Now that you have styling 101 down - here's some inspo for some diverse looks that are all focused around neon vibes:


1. Festival Fringe Outfit

Neon and black creates the ultimate baddie look! Radiate electric energy with this look: 

Neon Green Fring Skirt with Black Traingle Top



2. Wildside Neon Outfit

Animal prints are perfect when you want to bring your wild side out! Combining animal print and neon colors creates a sexy and vibrant outfit, and the Neon Zebra Sheer Mini Dress is perfect to wear at a festival or a night out!

Wildside Neon Outfit


Neon Zebra Sheer Mesh Mini Dress

Demonia Badass Chunky Platform Boots

Lunautics Neon Green Glitzy Glitter

Chain Of Command Harness


3. Sporty Spice Neon Outfit

Bring back the 90s with this sporty looking outfit! This outfit is perfect for you if you are looking for an outfit that is easy to move around in and you want to break a sweat while dancing the night away.

Sporty Spice Neon Outfit

Neon Groove Crop Top

On The Brink High Waisted Shorts

Vibedration Neon Yellow Hydration Pack

Don't Say A Word Sporty Sneakers


4. Neon Princess Outfit

Looking for a flowy outfit that makes you feel like a princess? This outfit is perfect for you! If you’re a little intimidated by wearing bold, bright colors this is a great place to start. The neon accent from the skirt is subtle, but it definitely adds some spice to this outfit. Add the neon Lunautics face jewels and you are guaranteed to sparkle like a princess.

Neon Princess Outfit

Cyber Cinderella Open Front Skirt- Neon Yellow

Let It Ride Faux Leatherette Bralette

Wild Side High Cut Bottoms

Lunautics Cosmic Crystals Alien Face Jewels

Demonia Black Holo Harness Platform Boots


5. Biker Chick Neon Outfit

This outfit will definitely make you feel like you’re on top of the world, with some neon biker shorts to help you dance with ease all night! Biker shorts is another festival fashion trend that has become popular recently, so you’ll look trendy and fierce in this outfit.

Neon Outfit with Biker Chick Vibes

Do It Neon Biker Shorts

Double Check Cut Out Crop Top- Neon Yellow

Demonia Super Stacked Platform Boots

Can't See Me Winged Visor

What’s your favorite neon items currently available on iHeartRaves? Tell us in the comments. I’m excited to see how everyone styles their neon outfits this summer!


Cassidy said:

I love the biker chick outfit! Drawing so much inspiration from this look. Thanks 😇

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