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As someone who has gone to Moonrise consistently since 2016, I’ve seen a lot of unfortunate weather-related frustrations that couldn’t quite give Moonrise that one smooth sailing weekend. The last two years there were evacuations due to inclimate weather including lightning. Of course, these cause set times to be changed or canceled altogether, upsetting both artists and fans alike. But, finally, the weather was simply perfect for Moonrise 2019!


Day 1:

Since Illenium was closing out Day 1, the entire day (and my outfit) revolved around him entirely. It goes without saying his set was my favorite of the day (and weekend) but that’s a given anytime I see him play anywhere.

Moonrise Outfit Day 1

Here Were My Top 3 Sets of Day 1:


“I’m going extra hard today, I hope you guys are cool with that!” - Illenium, during his set. Yes, Nick, we are ALWAYS okay with you going extra hard! My favorite thing about Illenium is that although his music is very emotional and heartbreaking, he uses that pain and those feelings and delivers it in a way that can be felt differently in a live setting with heavier dubstep to really dance the pain away. He debuted a song, Gorgeous from his latest album, Ascend. He also gave a heads up for a few new tour dates added including one East Coast Throwback set. Since his announcement we now know it will take place in DC at Echostage.

Gud Vibrations (NGTMRE & Slander)

Seeing the three of them share their energy together will never get old. I love them as separate artists, but there’s something about a Gud Vibrations set that really just does it for me! It’s extra special because they simply vibe so well together. They are absolute magic giving us a set to go hard to, but then reel it back in and feel all the feels with tracks like “Superhuman,” “First Time,” and “Love Is Gone.” Not to keep you in your feels for too long, though, of course, as getting back to your regularly scheduled neck breaking is a priority, too.

Bonnie x Clyde

This was my first time catching a set by them! They played at Stellar stage right after Jusin Caruso and they truly brought all the dancing energy. Performing their highly anticipated new single release, Bad Behavior, they had everyone feeling themselves! I love the way Paige and Daniel interact with one another on stage. Their true friendship and respect for each other is so evident and translates beautifully into the delivery of the music.


Day 2

Day 2 was all about rocking iHeartRaves! Purple is my favorite color, and also the color associated with Moonrise, so this outfit was an absolute MUST for me. I love mixing and matching outfits to make something new. The top was one I’ve had for some time, and I paired it with the Purple Haze High Cut Booty Shorts with the Slave 2 The Rave Iridescent Chain Belt. Of course, we can’t forget about those killer sunglasses, too! I felt so amazing and got so many compliments!

iHeartRaves Outfit at Moonrise Festival

iHeartRaves Purple Booty Shorts and Chain harness

Top 3 Sets of Day 2:

Jai Wolf

This was my first time seeing him and I was completely blown away. I love how effortlessly his set was so chill, but with just enough energy to keep you on your feet! He has so many beautiful songs with incredible lyrics, seeing and hearing them come to life was magical to me. One of my top sets overall, most definitely.

Ganja White Night

This was also my first time seeing them. Technically, I would have missed them, because they played when Seven Lions was scheduled, but unfortunately, Seven Lions had to cancel his set due to travel reasons. I was absolutely crushed, but, on the bright side, it allowed me the time to finally catch a Ganja White Night set, which absolutely did not disappoint. Overall success!


While so many headbangers made their way to Excision, I wanted to get a little more on the vibey side to end my night. I love and respect Tiesto so much, so this was a nice and calm way to end the weekend. Naturally, my favorite part of his set was when he dropped his Big Room Remix to “Good Things Fall Apart” by Illenium & Jon Bellion.

Even with a few scheduling hiccups and personal disappointments, overall Moonrise 2019 couldn’t have gone any better. Not only did the typical “annual” rain hold off, it wasn’t overbearingly hot either. Perfect weather really does make all the difference to a festival experience!


See ya next year, Moonrise!

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