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With its fun prints and reflective designs, The Lyte Couture is one of the more unique brands we carry at iHeartRaves. The small business, which is owned and designed by its founder Kristen Boles, is about to launch a new collection at iHeartRaves and to celebrate that we had a chat with her to discuss everything from what inspired the brand to the future of rave and festival fashion. Check out our interview with Kristen Boles of The Lyte Couture below, and check out some of the new styles that we're releasing on iHeartRaves. 

lyte couture

The Lyte Couture X iHR Illusions top, crop top and bottoms.

iHeartRaves: What inspired you to found Lyte Couture?

Kristen Boles: I have always loved live music of every kind. I found electronic music and its culture to be my niche. I have been going to events for 2 decades and have always felt inspiration and joy in the culture and music. My husband and I ran a production company hosting EDM events for many years. Absorbing and enjoying the experience from one side, I felt as though I could make an artistic impact in the fashion industry. It all began on my kitchen table, [as a] mother of 3 (9/12/17 yrs old), wife and now business owner. 

flame bikini

The Lyte Couture X iHR Flame Triangle Chain Top and High Waisted High Cut Bottoms

iHR: Can you describe what Lyte Couture is to you?

KB: The Lyte Couture to me is a platform that celebrates individuality and strives to make all friends comfortable, excited and fashionable. This company has given me the opportunity to bring joy to a culture I have enjoyed for so long. A culture that allows me to express my artistic visions and see my fellow ravers vibing out in my creations gives me goosebumps. Making any BODY feel beautiful and comfortable is a wonderful rush.

silver moon top

The Lyte Couture X iHR Silver Moon Top and Mini Skirt

iHR: What does rave culture mean to you?
KB: Rave culture, to me, is an outstanding practice of many of the greatest abilities we possess and can be voiced. Love, kindness, artistic expression, friendship, positive conversation, shared experiences. These things, I believe, are all exuberant and heavily focused on in our culture. P.L.U.R!
trippy bikini
The Lyte Couture X iHR Dazed Mushroom Triangle Top and Bottoms
iHR: What are some of your favorite pieces that Lyte Couture has done with iHeartRaves?
KB: We are SOOOOO excited about the new collaboration/collection we have dropping. I absolutely adore the new flame pattern creations, especially the bottom with chains and leg wraps. Reflective Refraction pieces have and always will be a favorite as well. Lastly, Dazed Mushroom has been a win! It's just a beautiful fabric that is perfect for the festival season. 
reflective bikini
Lyte Couture Refraction Reflective Geo Cage Top and Bottoms
iHR: What are some of your favorite festival fashion trends?
KB: One of our favorite trends this festival season are couple looks. There is nothing like matching your partner. I also adore squad looks, it makes such a wow factor at festivals to see 5 to 10 people of different size and shape  all squading together. What's better than your whole gang slaying the festival fashion game and turning heads as you pass by? Another trend that is incredibly eye popping and heavy in the game is Reflective wear! It's PERFECT for those late night sets with great lighting production! Reflective GLOWS!
iHR: What trends do you see popping up in the next year?
KB: Trends we will be seeing soon.... I think you will see a ton of looks made with dual fabrics and patterns. We are really loving incorporating that in our new designs. There is just a whole new element you can bring out in designs using two different fabrics. The combinations of contrast are nearly endless... and so much fun! We also always love chains and buckles, adding that extra touch and hardware to designs.
In 2022, I think the push for more inclusive rave wear for all sizes will be even stronger. All ravers deserve to shine with their unique styles! The Lyte Couture looks forward to accommodating all individuals in feeling  as radiant and bright as their souls deserve.

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