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Now that we’ve all had some time to recover from Lost Lands and the “raver flu”, it is time to talk about how great it was. Lost Lands round two was definitely something I wasn’t expecting. This festival had more of everything this year and it kicked dino butt! There truly was More BASS, MORE F*CKING DINOSAURS and MORE MUSIC -  it was incredible to be there and experience all of it with everyone again; Like the Lost Lands code says, “WE ARE ALL ONE TRIBE."

Dinosaur At Lost Lands


I hoped for the weather this year to be better than the cold last year but was not expecting it to be so hot and humid, but I loved it! I even got a little butt tan line from my bottoms ;) Unfortunately, not everyone enjoyed the heat as much as me. I saw a lot of sunburns and sweat during the day sets, but thankfully, Fancy Unicorns & Scummy Bears were selling their BIG FANS at their booth. If you were lucky enough to find them, you were the savior to the tribe! (or you were like me and told my gypsy tribe & Snapchat, I GOT A BIG B**CH FAN) What also didn’t sit well with everyone was the rain that showed up late and canceled sound camps for Sunday. That bummed me out as I was ready to rage until 4 am but for SAFETY reasons LL decided it was best to make sure everyone got out safe before it started. That way no one would be stuck in the mud at 2 am, trying to dig out their cars or campsites. I think Excision and his Team did a great job at handling the wrench that Mother Nature threw at them. After all, we can only blame Mother Nature for this and we sure hope she is nicer next year. 

Squad at Lost Lands


CAVE PAINTING FLASHBACK: I was a part of my first iHeartRaves Unicorn Crew at Tomorrowworld in 2015 in Atlanta Georgia. Unfortunately, the festival got rained on so badly that they had to shut the festival down on the last day to campers only. We luckily were camping but everything was soaked in rainwater or covered in mud. The second day of the festival had been rained on all day and night. The mud was so dangerous that shuttle buses, taxis, even cars in the parking lots for the day, Ubers, and Lyfts weren’t able to come to get people out. Most cars were already stuck or falling into the mud worse every minute. Festival-goers who weren’t camping were stuck in finding a way home or they had to walk miles in the rain to a different road. Lost Lands made the right decision to avoid that tragedy I had suffered in.

Totem at Lost Lands


One thing I loved about this year's Lost Lands was MORE WATER for the dinos! Making two more wells for more water stations this year to have a total of three water stations was incredible. Last year there was one water station and two bathroom sites in the festival which weren’t convenient at all. LL put more bathrooms which were closer to the stages and kept nicely clean. Staying hydrated is the number one priority at a festival, especially since this year was way hotter. There were plenty of more cavemen and cavewomen this year which was awesome for the festival but a little more chaotic and crowded but that just shows how much the festival grew!! Totems are the best way to find your tribe without needing phone service but this year they were all awesome. I saw some incredibly creative totems this year. This one pictured above is my favorite.

Midnight Tyrannasaurus


As far as the production goes, let me tell you, I felt every wattage of the 1,000,000 Watts of bass for every second of the weekend. It took me getting back to the hotel for my ribcage to stop rattling. It was intense but worth it all. The sets I caught were indescribable because they were just all amazing. Every single artist put every bit of them into their sets and killed them. Wompy Woods was a major upgrade from the Cave of Souls last year and it was money well spent. The giant herbivore made the stage that much spectacular. They made it an open stage instead of a hanger-like stage which gave so much more room and air, THANK YOU. It was like a second main stage but still kicked just as hard as Prehistoric Paradox. The nights of added sound camps at the end of the festival were pretty far to walk to but worth it. It felt as if you walked from the main festival to a mini hidden one in the camping area. They were hard to figure out which one was which besides the Rockstar one but that is only a suggestion for next year!

Sunset at Lost Lands Music Festival


I was fortunate to see all the sets I wanted to and the ones I suggested to in my “5 artists to not miss at Lost Lands” article. SADLY, I can’t pick a favorite but I can ask for LL to POST ALL THE SETS, I need to relive them, thank you. I hope everyone got to see who they wanted! What I can’t get over is the SECRET SPECIAL GUEST, DJ DIESEL AKA SHAQ AKA SHAQUILLE O’NEAL, retired NBA legend. He was the easiest DJ to spot on any stage because him towering at 7’ 1” isn’t hard to miss. Not to mention his awesome headbanging moves or the fact he put Excision on his shoulders! Kazaam, you got us! He threw the hell down and it was legendary, but his graphics were my favorite part. DJ Diesel used highlights from his NBA career while dunking on players but placed a T-rex head over his face. I was so happy to be able to witness that incredible performance!

Fire Shooting off the Stage at Lost Lands

Photo Credit: Julian Bajsel


CAVEWOMAN HEARTBREAK: I am only upset over one thing! I was really looking forward to eating Gator Bites that I mentioned in my previous blog post. Now, these might not seem like much to normal LL fans, but to me, these hurt my heart to not have this year. I even asked Excision on Twitter what happened to the Gator Bites, but sadly, he didn’t have an answer. Aside from the lack of Gator Bites, there was plenty of other amazing food there. The Asian sensation left its fossil in everyone’s stomach with great chicken as well as my other favorite, SPACE FRUIT. Space Fruit was absolutely refreshing and delicious - basically a healthy all natural Dippin Dots. Please bring back the Gator Bites next year!

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Lost Lands, my home, my tribe, you were incredible for Year Two. Thank you! It is amazing to be a part of something so big and to see the changes from one year to the next was perfection. 


See you in 2019! 

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