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If you know anything about me, you know I am a huge fan of electronic dance music (EDM), and an even bigger fan of the women who are killing it in the industry.

I am always so stoked to see the EDM world supporting women who are thriving as artists and are conquering the EDM world like it’s a walk in the neon-lit park. This is (one of the many reasons) why I am completely obsessed with Imagine Music Festival (IMF). 

Imagine in itself is an absolutely killer fest, filled with soul-rejuvenating workshops, mind-blowing experiences, good vibes and of course, performances that will make you move like magic is running through your veins.

In addition to their mystic aquatic-themed fairytale, they are huge supporters of some of the industry’s most badass females. (Fun Fact: Imagine was founded by a queen herself! Keep your eyes peeled on our blog for more…)

Within the first 0.5 seconds of researching Imagine, I had already fallen in love with the fest and decided I needed to experience the Imaginarium more than I needed oxygen (September 20th, 2019 can’t come fast enough)! However, when I saw all the unreal female talent featured in the lineup, I could tell this fest was going to be truly special.

If there’s one person who I know will bring powerplant-level energy to the fest, it’s Leah Culver.

Taking place in Atlanta, Imagine has welcomed the city’s hometown-hero back to perform for multiple years in a row. Culver has been known to bring the underwater-house down and says her connection to the festival dives deep in the depths of her heart.

“It’s been an absolute honor for me to be asked back each year, and a privilege to do it again this time,” says Culver. “It’s also very cool to see the festival grow. Imagine is very close to my heart and their success brings me so much joy.”

Leah Culver Performing at Imagine Music Festival
Image Courtesy of Leah Culver's Facebook / Imagine Music Festival

Culver is an artist through and through, practicing and understanding the various sides of her craft. She is a producer, writer, singer, DJ and musician, most commonly known for her electro/hardstyle sound and electrifying performances.

While Culver’s professional career began as a DJ in 2011, she says music has been a part of her identity for as long as she can remember.

“I’ve been singing and making up songs my entire life, since I was five years old,” shares Culver. “Later picking up guitar, drums and producing as well. [Producing music] is what I love to do the most, I’m so grateful.”

Leadh Culver Guitar

Image Courtesy of Leah Culver's Facebook

Culver has been exploding in the EDM scene, gaining support from major artists such as Marshmello, Adventure Club, The Chainsmokers, Steve Aoki, Benny Benassi, Laidback Luke, Candyland, Big KRIT, Trinidad James, Breathe Carolina, The Glitch Mob, Firebeatz, Alvin Risk, Autoerotique, Dotcom, Marty Party, Figure, Cash Cash, Porter Robinson, Terravita, 3lau, Zomboy, Excision, Knife Party, Baggi Begovic, Seven Lions, Griz, Dada Life and Paris & Simo, just to name a few.

While Culver is an electric force to be reckoned with, her success as a female artist hasn’t come without a fight.

“I’ve experienced people who doubt women as producers,” explains Culver. “It’s a really silly assumption across the board that women can’t engineer or produce music, because not only am I an engineer and a producer, but I have learned so much from working with other producers...”

Leah Culver Performing live on stage

Image Courtesy of Leah Culver's Facebook

Culver says she also attributes much of her knowledge and growth as a producer and engineer from Icon Collective - the production school that launched talents such as Jauz, Nghtmre, Slander and Yultron.

“To discredit me...you’d have to also discredit them,” she adds.

Culver boldy responds to sexist skepticism through her undeniable talent, success and support for fellow females.

“It’s so cool working with other women in the industry. I am constantly surrounded by talented and powerful women in the industry and I couldn't be more grateful to see us all thriving,” she shares.

Culver states that some of her biggest industry influences are Paramore’s powerhouse lead singer, Hayley Williams, pop-princess Ariana Grande and music icon, Joan Jett.

The boss-babe continues to break any barrier that stands in her path, challenging musical norms and destroying gendered stigmatizations.

Leah Culver

Image Courtesy of Leah Culver's Facebook

She adds that her dedication and strong belief of self is something she’s carried with her throughout her entire life, stating that she believed she would achieve her goals as an artist ever since she was a child.

“To be honest, I never really doubted myself because I’ve always known this is what I wanted to do,” says Culver. “I believe if you want something bad enough you can obtain it with hard work and passion.”

Culver is one act not to miss at Imagine this year. Her killer beats mixed with her genuine love for her work, fans and the fest are sure to bring an insane amount of energy to the crowd.

“The thing I like best about performing [at Imagine] is looking out there and seeing ten-times the number of people from where we started...being able to bring my music to that many music lovers in incredible,” shares Culver. “[It’s] something I won’t ever take for granted because ultimately I was to touch people in a positive way.”

I am completely stoked to dive into the mythical beats and an enchanting underwater world at Imagine this year. Sharing my excitement, Culver adds, “...having the theme be the Underwater Mystical Aquatic World is really cool because I haven’t seen that done before. They nail it every year.”

I will be jamming out to all things Leah Culver from now until IMF (and admittedly, long after the fest is over).

Right now, I am vibing extra hard to her banging singles Fly with Marshmello, and Get Going.

You can rock to both songs here: 

Get Going

Fly with Marshmello:


To keep up with all things Leah Culver, follow her on Soundcloud linkInstagram, Twitter and Facebook, and be sure to check out her website for more rad updates and details.

Don’t have your tickets yet for Imagine? Click here, so we can party hard as hell together during Leah Culver’s set. For updates on the fest, follow Imagine Music Festival on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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