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Have you ever dreamed about being a real-life Supernova girl? Well, now your dreams aren’t too far from reality!

Yesterday, iHeartRaves announced their official sponsorship of the first festival set to take place in outer space in 2025 called, iHeartSpace.

“The concept is similar to a festival on a cruise ship, but in a rocket ship.” - says co-founder, ET Martin, owner of event & EDM company, Doc Martians. The only major difference is you’ll be partying for 6 days in space instead of at sea. The plan is for attendees to spend the majority of the time orbiting the Earth. However, there will be two planned stops to unconfirmed locations.” (We’ll give you a hint for one of the stops- there’s a lot of cheese at this place).

 iHeartRaves plans to sponsor many aspects of the festival including hosting a Zero gravity stage and activating a special freeze-dried ice cream station with their own unique flavor called, “Unicorn Starship.”

“iHeartRaves has always supported innovation and creativity so I’m really excited about this collaboration,” said Sr. Brand Manager, Mama Unicorn.

Although the event is not for another 6 years, festival planners do have some major headliners of the future in mind, including DJ Beef Sticks, Blackhole Babes, and Da Martianz.

iHeartSpace Festival Lineup

Plus, scroll down for one more very special announcement....
Happy April Fools from Team iHeartRaves!


Sunshine said:

Good one! Got ’em!

April said:

WOW! I was actually getting my credit card ready….. awwwww

Jacqueline Corona said:

I knew this was an April Fools joke from the start hahaha, but WOW how I wish this was a real thing😍😫😫😫😫😫 so creative

Athena said:

I LEGIT CANNNNTTTTT RIGHT NOWWW!!! I was ready drop like my entire bank account for this festival !!!!!! AHHHHH APRIL FOOLLS WHHHHHHHYYYYYY

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