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I got into wearing wigs to events because I’m pretty terrible at styling my hair. I can straighten it, and do some basic pigtails, but it always stresses me out. Wigs became a fun alternative for me and added so much fun to my looks. For me, I find wigs all over the place, online, in wig shops, and even Forever 21. Depending on how much you want to spend, of course, the quality goes up, but I’d say you can spend $20 on a decent wig if you’re looking in the right place.

I think the best place to find them is in your downtown area where there are likely to be some cheap shops - try looking for a wig shop specifically. You’ll find better quality ones for sure. The most I’ve ever spend is $60 for a wig, which yes was a lot, but the number of times I’ve worn it, it’s so worth it!

Let’s get into how I put my wig on, and some tips along the way.

How to Brush Your Hair Before Putting on a wig

I always start by washing my hair. I do this for a few reasons. First, It’s a heck of a lot easier to braid hair that is usually thick when it is wet. It also helps then keep all the little flyaways down, which I have a problem with, too.

I also do it because when I braid my hair and let it dry in braids, I get really cute crimps, which is an easy day 2 look for an event!

French Braiding pigtails


Next, you start braiding one side. It took me a long time to learn to do braids, and even now I can only do them to myself and they are inside out! I used to watch my mom braid her hair (she could also not french braid anyone else’s!) and after watching a lot, I started trying to braid my own hair. 

Finishing French Braids on Pigtails

Braid the other side the same way. Practice doing braids whenever you can, and you’ll get better over time. Even now mine isn’t perfect, but especially for just going under a wig or for crimping my hair they are good enough! It helps to have a friend watch you as you braid to help direct if you’re missing any pieces as you go.

Turning French Braid Pigtails into a Crown

Next, I cross the braids in the back making like a crown on my head. Don’t lay the braids on top of each other, as that will make them super thick and your head larger, but lay them right next to each other. Then use bobby pins to pin them down. I usually do pins at the bottom where they cross, at the top to keep the ends down and then a few in between.

French Braid Crown Made out of French Braid Pigtails

I usually give my head a good shake to make sure nothing feels loose. It’s important to make sure these braids feel secure because if they don’t you’ll feel loose under your wig and won’t really have a way to fix it. So make sure you keep this nice and neat from the start.

How to Put on a Wig


I try and smooth my wig as much as I can before I put it on. I do any little brushing I need to before it is on. It’s really important to store your wigs nicely so you can wear them multiple times.

Also, some wigs have little adjustable sizes in the cap of the wig before you put it on. If you know what size you are, adjust before placing it on. Sometimes it's easier to test what size you need when your hair is down so you can take it on and off until you know exactly where it will need to be later.

Placing a Neon Blue Wig on Your Head

Then, starting from the back, put your wig on, placing the bulk of the braids on the back of your head into the wig. I usually have my hands inside the wig as much as I can to then pull the whole thing over the front of my face.

Use your fingers to tuck and push any pieces of hair that snuck out around the edges. I then always add a hat of some sort because it helps keep my wig on. You can also instead use bobby pins to pin it again into the braids, just be sure to lift some hair and then insert the pins so you can’t see them.

Since I have cheaper wigs, too, wearing a hat helps make it look more “real” by hiding the fake looking part. As I’ve gone through more and more wigs I’ve also learned that while wigs with bangs initially felt weird to me, they are the most natural looking because of the part. So I also try to get wigs with bangs now, which I can style to a side if I don’t like them in the middle, but it helps it look more real!

That’s about it! That’s how I put on my wigs. When you’re done wearing it for the night make sure to brush it out and pack it back properly for next time!

Blue Neon wig for a festival

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