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Heading to a music festival abroad and don’t know where to begin with planning your adventure? I’ve got you covered! I’m sharing my best tips and tricks on how to prepare for an international music festival so you can feel more relaxed and able to make the most of your trip!

Don’t Forget Your Ticket(s)

You’d be surprised by how many people I’ve traveled with who’ve forgotten either their festival ticket or travel ticket. Secure your festival tickets in advance, early birds are always significantly cheaper than later releases. Once you’ve secured entry to the event, get your travel tickets, and again snatch those as quickly as you can, the prices will increase as the event approaches. 

Otherwise, check if the festival is offering any all-inclusive packages, this will make planning a whole lot easier as you won’t need to figure out any of the travel logistics, more time to spare to figure out the fun parts of the trip!

Get Travel Insurance

Buy comprehensive travel insurance. Take the advice from someone who hasn’t always had insurance and has watched some trips go sideways then wished they were covered. It’s never a bad thing to be over prepared, particularly when you’re going overseas and given how unpredictable travel can be these days, make sure you’re covered properly. It's usually less than $50 anyway, which is far better than paying hundreds or thousands of dollars later on if there is an emergency (pro tip: travel insurance often doubles as health insurance while abroad).

Check Your Passport & Visa Requirements

The minimum passport validity requirement can vary depending on which country you’re flying to or the airline you’re traveling with. From experience, this can fluctuate between 3 and 6 months. If your passport doesn’t meet the travel requirement you could be denied entry into your destination country. Check your passport’s validity ahead of time to be sure you don’t encounter any issues on your day of travel. 

Many countries also require passports to have at least one empty page in them in order to grant entry, but you likely know that already if you're someone worried about having a spare page in your passport. ;) You can check visa requirements and general travel warnings by country here.

Be Accommodation Savvy

Whenever I travel to a music festival abroad, I book accommodation near the venue, preferably walking distance so I don’t have to worry about getting back to my room once the event is over. Having accommodation nearby leaves some of the guesswork out of figuring out how to get transport to the venue, which can be daunting when you’re in a new place.

If you’re feeling particularly overwhelmed about traveling abroad, I suggest arriving a day before the music festival so you have time to get acclimatized, especially if you need some time to recover after a long travel day.

Do Your Research

This applies to anything from the weather, to the local currency, the food, and even the venue. Simple things like knowing whether the venue is indoor or outdoor will already give some indication of how to prepare for your festival adventure and be able to anticipate what you need. Get to know where you’re going so you feel comfortable and confident about your trip.

Try On Your Outfits 

Unless you have crazy amounts of luggage allowance, my advice is to pack light but wisely. The heavier the bag the more it’s going to cost you. The weather, the venue and the programme will largely impact your outfit decisions, so going back to my point above: do your research! Once you’ve done your research and you’ve familiarized yourself with the music festival, plan and try on your outfits, then only pack what’s necessary. 

Respect the Do’s and Don'ts

It’s so important to check what items aren’t allowed into the festival grounds and what rules the event enforces before turning up to the event. These really differ from one music festival to another, so to avoid drawing attention to yourself for all the wrong reasons make sure you read through their guidelines properly and respect them.

Speaking of the do's and don'ts, read up on the local culture of the place you're traveling to before you get there. It's a great way to understand the local mentality and avoid any mishaps during your trip. Be mindful of COVID-19 precautions that are local to your travel destination, and do your part by getting the vaccine before you go.

Give Yourself Enough Time to Pack

Don’t rush your packing on the day you’re leaving for the music festival. Give yourself plenty of time so you don’t miss anything and also don’t put too much pressure on yourself before traveling. You can always do one final check right before you depart.

Learn the Local Language

Study a few sentences on Google Translate before you land, just to help you along on your trip. Phrases as simple as asking where the toilet is or asking how much something costs will not only prevent you from wasting time figuring things on your own but will help you immerse yourself in the local culture more. It may earn you the respect of locals, and you may end up making a friend or two along the way!

Be Prepared for Emergencies

Make a note of the contact details for your nearest embassy or consulate, and get acquainted with what they do to help in case of emergencies. Also memorize the code for the emergency services for the country you’re visiting. Again, it never hurts to be too prepared!

I hope these tips help you prepare for your next international music festival! Now that your travel plans are sorted, time to get your rave outfits ready! Check out our massive range of rave fashion, we’re always updating our new arrivals with the hottest must-own trends. We can’t wait to see how you style your rave looks, remember to tag us on Instagram @iheartraves!

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