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Since festivals have been put on hold for 2020, I’ve had a lot of time on my hands to try different things at home, including some DIY projects. Harnesses have been a very popular part of rave fashion over the last few years, and you can make your inner kandi kid come alive by making kandi harnesses at home. They’re perfect for any in-home photoshoots you might be planning, or if you have a drive-in rave happening in your area, this could be a perfect accessory to put together with your outfit!


All these materials were ordered from Amazon, but these can also be found at any craft store as well. 



1. The harness will contain three sections: the area around your neck, bottom of your neck to the sternum, and the area around your waist. Measure those three areas and cut the elastic string so that you have a little over double the length of those measurements. 

2. Start with the area around the neck. Fold the elastic string in half and string one pony bead (purple) so that it is in the middle. String three pony beads each of the second color (black) on each side of the purple bead. 

3. String one purple bead through both ends of the elastic string and three black beads through each individual end of the string. Repeat this process until you are at the end of the string. 

4. When you get close to the end of the string, take a purple bead and string it so it’s facing the same direction as the other purple bead on the opposite end. Take the other string and cross it through the bead and tie a knot at the end (double or triple knot it to make it secure). 

5. Put the key ring through both purple beads on the end to create an O-ring choker. 

6. Next, you will be working on the section that connects the neck section to the waist (bottom of neck to sternum). Repeat steps 2-4.

7. Put one end of the purple bead through the key ring connected to the neck section. Then, connect the purple bead on the other end through a new keyring. 

8. The last section you will be working on will be the waist. Repeat steps 2-4.

9. Connect both ends of the purple beads through the key ring on the bottom. 

Style it with your favorite outfit and enjoy!!

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Jim G said:

Looks like a good idea. Nice job. PLUR. Call me 07752733281


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