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EDC Las Vegas is one of the biggest music festivals on the planet. With over 200,000 square feet of festival to explore throughout the weekend, this festival has a lot to cover and draws a huge crowd, meaning getting to the festival itself is a task on its own.

If you're staying in Las Vegas the festival isn't quite centrally located. The Las Vegas Motor Speedway is about 18-20 miles off of the Las Vegas strip depending on where you're coming from. With traffic, that ride can easily go from 20 minutes to several hours, so you'll want to read on for our advice on how to get to EDC Las Vegas!

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Getting to Vegas


Flying into Vegas is really easy, especially if you're staying on or near the Strip area or Downtown. Most airlines have pretty affordable flights into Vegas because it's a popular destination, and you can fly direct from most places in the United States.

The airport is conveniently located right off of the Strip, making it really easy to get to your hotel from an Uber. Still, Uber in Vegas can get pricey, so expect to pay at least $20 depending on where you're staying, likely more. Some hotels also offer shuttles, so look into that if you want to save on Uber to and from the airport.

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With no traffic, Vegas is about a four hour drive from the Los Angeles area. Keep in mind that I said no traffic though, because on a normal weekend that can go up to five or even six hours with how many people regularly go to Vegas from LA for the weekend. During EDC expect traffic to get worse, so plan ahead and leave early if you think you'll need to.

You can get to Vegas quickly from other cities like Salt Lake and Denver via I-15 which cuts directly through Las Vegas. It's about a six hour drive from Salt Lake and 11 hours from Denver. It's certainly more than Los Angeles, but you're unlikely to hit traffic coming from that direction.

EDC encourages its attendees to rideshare to the festival as much as possible. Hit up local rave groups on Facebook to find a ride to Vegas from your area—you might just find a new rave fam!

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Getting to the Festival


EDC offers shuttles to and from the Speedway to many of the hotels on the Las Vegas Strip. Look for either your hotel or a hotel nearby to get the most direct access to the festival every day. You can get a shuttle pass on the EDC website here, which includes expedited security entry before you get to the festival to make things go a bit faster at the Speedway.

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The shuttles can get pretty busy if you go at the same times as most of the crowds, so plan ahead if you want to skip the lines. I've never experienced the shuttles for myself, but I've heard horror stories about getting stuck in line for hours after the festival ends at sunrise. As much fun as it would be to stay until the end of the event, I'm also someone that would happily leave a little bit early to beat the crowds.

Rideshares and Taxis:

Uber and Lyft are a great option if you want something a bit more streamlined than the shuttle experience. While the shuttles are great, the luxury of a rideshare means that you don't have to stand in line to get on a shuttle on your way to and from the festival. However, these lines can get pretty lengthy as well and prices can skyrocket if you don't time your departures correctly.

Las Vegas also has tons of taxis available, and with the arrival of Uber several years ago taxis have had to get competitive with their prices. You might have a hard time finding a taxi at the Speedway to get back to the festival, but they can be a secret hack to saving some money on your way there each night.

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The drive to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway is about 20-30 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip. This is a great option if you have a sober driver, though traffic can get pretty congested depending on when you're driving to or from the festival. General parking at EDC is free, though you can purchase premiere parking passes to get in and out of the lots a little bit easier.

Keep in mind that there are restrictions to parking. The festival doesn't allow tailgating and drinking alcohol in the parking lot is prohibited, as well as sleeping in your car or leaving your car at the festival once it ends.

Getting ready for EDC Las Vegas? Check out our guide for everything you need to know.

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