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With everyone stuck at home and festival season and raves canceled, the mood for ravers have definitely been gloomy. Despite the unfortunate events and circumstances that us ravers are all facing together, now is a perfect time to create and send "PLUR packages" to your rave fam!

Sending a care package is a great way to show your love and support for your friends, especially since many of us don't get to see each other at festivals. This DIY is easy to assemble and you can get creative with whatever you add to it! This guide will give you plenty of ideas to create your own personalized care packages and there is plenty of room to make them unique and special for all your friends.

You can send it to a friend you met at a rave or a newbie raver, and send over rave essentials they can use at their next rave. Sending a PLUR package can definitely make somebody’s day and can encourage everyone to pay it forward and send it to their rave fam as well.

Step 1: Find the Perfect The Bag

Instead of using a regular gift bag or plain box, why not put your items in something that can be used in the future? Sending your PLUR package in a fanny pack or a mini backpack would definitely be something that your friends can use and it looks great as well! iHeartRaves has plenty of cute fanny packs and backpacks that would make a great container to send and hold your rave care package in that you can find here


Step 2: Add Rave Essentials for the PLUR Package

Of course, with it being a PLUR package, there are many small items that would go great inside a ravers’ care package! Some good ideas for rave related items include: 

  • Diffraction glasses and sunglasses
  • Face masks (definitely an important and great item especially for now!)
  • Face and body jewels and glitter 
  • Homemade kandi and perlers
  • Earplugs
  • Inhalers

You can find many of these items on For kandi and perlers, you can get them super personalized by writing your friends’ favorite artists or phrases! There are many cool places that sell 3D printed beads of many different artists and logos that would be great to add on to your kandi that you make. You can also find many templates for making perlers that you can turn into necklaces as well.

Step 3: Add Other Items for the PLUR Package

There are many other items that you can throw into your plur package! You can find many of these items at supermarkets or online such as Amazon.

  • Gum
  • Candy and snacks
  • False eyelashes
  • Makeup
  • Chapsticks
  • Sunscreen
  • Stickers
  • Jewelry
  • Giftcards

For bigger backpacks, you could add in bigger items like, your friends’ favorite artists’ merch. With so much time in quarantine, you could also make bigger kandi items like a kandi cuff or necklace! The list is endless and there is so much that you can add into the care packages for each one of your friends. Even sending a care package with a personalized note or kandi will definitely brighten the mood for your rave fam and will be appreciated a lot!

Step 4: Decorate Your Plur Package

Craft stores have many decorative and cute add ons for your care package. You can stuff the bag or fanny pack with tissue paper or cellophane. Also, sprinkling in some glitter can definitely make it more eye catching as well!

I found some tissue paper with cute designs and some sparkly mesh that looked great to wrap the items in. Adding in a handwritten and personalized card is also a great addition to the care packages. You can never go wrong with a cute message to your friends. You can write down some of your favorite rave memories together and how excited you are to spend the next raves together.

You could also throw in a playlist or song recommendations into the note by printing out a QR code that they can scan for the link of the songs or playlist! When your friends open a package that is well decorated and assembled, they’ll definitely know that you put time and effort into making them a care package. Even sending a fanny pack with candy and gum is a great way to show your support to your friends on a budget! 

wrapping paper for PLUR packages

Showing love to your rave fam can be easy and is something that will be appreciated! With lots of room for personalizing it to each of your friends, it is a great way to send love and support to your rave fam, no matter how far away you are from each other. 


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